Anousheh Ansari: The First Muslim Female Space Tourist

  • El Cid

    ““I could not catch my breath,” wrote Ansari in her book My Dream of Stars: From Daughter of Iran to Space Pioneer.“My beautiful planet, under the warm rays of the sun, turned gracefully beneath me. I was entranced.”

    Beautifully stated, brings the image to the mind…one which now most of us have seen in video/pics. I have always considered Iranians most daring and adventurous, way ahead of most Muslims in their resolute steadfastness, sincere endeavors.

    The others are Turks and Paks. Pakistan-Iran-Turkey is a formidable Muslim combination. Pray that one day they coalesce into a mighty unbeatable formidable Muslim Fortress The Nation of Islam.

    They better do it, in a hurry too, soon…there are ominous clouds burgeoning at the horizon. Each thunder clap, each shock and awe, as they come near, sounds the death knell of Islam’s Civilization.

    • Bertram Roberts

      “The others are Turks and Paks. Pakistan-Iran-Turkey is a formidable Muslim combination. Pray that one day they coalesce into a mighty unbeatable formidable Muslim Fortress The Nation of Islam”.

      Hey, we’ve already got an Islamic State, so why not a “Muslim Fortress Nation of Islam?” A potential haven of freedom and egalitarianism, that.

    • Bertram Roberts

      Well we already have an Islamic State, so why not? A “formidable Muslim fortress Nation of Islam” certainly doesn’t sound like another backwards hellhole whose main export would be refugees.

      • El Cid

        Thank you for your comment, intent and tone. I will keep it under advisement.

        • Bertram Roberts

          I’m sorry if you were offended. My frat buddies got my password and they’ve been posting under my name. Disregard anything they’ve been saying, they’re just pranksters. I’m changing my password, so they shouldn’t bother you guys again. Have a good day. I’m still cleaning up their bullshit across the internet. 😉

          The Real Bertram Roberts

          • El Cid

            That can happen. I believe you. I believe anyone the first time. I’d even give the Devil his due. I am not offended. Only observant.

            You have had your shot. Any time I sense sincerity in your question, however questionable the question itself maybe, I will respond with courtesy and respect to the best of my ability. A Muslim has but no other choice.

            Once you have cleared up your mess do come back…maybe we can talk. You will be welcome.
            Peace and regards,
            El Cid.

          • Bertram Roberts

            Well, this is not exactly the kind of site I normally frequent myself, but maybe I will. :) The funny thing is that the guy who found out my password is actually a fairly devout Muslim. I don’t think he would’ve told the others about it if he knew what kind of trollish crap they’d be posting. And looking into last month’s posts it looks like they’ve been posting on some porno sites, and trolling on Christian blogs as well. Facepalm. I am so, so, glad I don’t post under my real name.

          • El Cid

            Friends, buddies, and guys do that sort of thing often enough…so I can understand. Overall they are good to have around and later, one day you will reminiscence over such things. No harm done.

            Anytime you want to post I am sure you will be welcome. Muslim and non-Muslim people over all are not all that different people but appear to be. Exchange of ideas and dusting off difference are constructive in the long run. Makes life richer except for those who have tight unforgiving heart, carry grudges and blood pressure. As I said no harm done.

            Thanks for keeping me in the loop.
            Take care,

  • Munna

    She seems to be good example from the Muslim community. Hope that more Muslim ladies like her comes into prominence and change the face of Muslim community in general and for other women as well.

  • MuslimGirl

    Very encouraging role model. Wish you success in your future endeavors too.