Week of 12/12/15: Muslim Teacher Fired After Showing Malala Video

  • Bertram Roberts

    If you aren’t willing to shave your beard, don’t work at an airport that has a dress code. You can’t defy professional standards of dress and then cry religious discrimination.

    “No, an apology is not enough for your deep-rooted Islamophobia.”

    What do you want, her head on a pole? Probably.

    “The outrage came after they realized they were copying the shahada. CHILL PEOPLE, the assignment is not going to magically convert you to Islam.”

    How would you feel if they made your kids copy down Jewish prayers or excerpts of Richard Dawkins’ “God Delusion”?

    • Zeinab

      @Bertrum Guess what I would be fine with it because just because you write something down doesn’t mean it should change your beliefs. If you believe strongly in something it is not going to change by writing down something different. I have had to write essays from a perspective that didn’t agree with my belief but I wrote it anyway knowing that even though it isn’t my belief I don’t have to be so close minded as to not even write it. So yes CHILL OUT was the proper response.

      An apology will never be enough for someone who a uses a girl of having a backpack bomb based on faith. And the fact that you said that a person of that faith would want her head on a pole is absolutely ridiculous that you would even suggest that.

      Why would he need to shave his beard? Are people going to mix him up with ISIS. If they do then it’s not the men who grew their beard out who are at fault, it is the people who look at him and think ISIS because of how he looks.

  • ronniebray

    I like your references to obvious injustice, but I’d like them more if you did not use profanity. It is obvious that you are more than adequately articulate, so please do not give hostages to fortune by bad language.

    Keep up the good work.