My Reaction to America’s Scariest GOP Debate Yet

  • Anees

    Thankfully I only watched the last 30 minutes, but even that was scary enough. My heart became heavy just reading and reliving that small portion I did watch.

  • Vegas Mike

    The GOP will never access the White House. Except by invitation from Madam President!

  • KET

    I’m an American woman living abroad, for the last 4 1/2 years. These —-, (I can’t type anything civil right now) are an embarrassment! I was asked at a restaurant if that is the best that the GOP could offer. I have no idea. They make me ill and I refuse to watch any of their debates.

  • Steven Lebon

    “20 years of living” says it all. Does your piece even get edited? There is sooooo much intellectual dishonesty that I don’t even know where to begin.

    You don’t give Islamic terrorism credence; doesn’t mean its false. You speak of places torn apart by war and wonder if the candidates have seen to such a place. Have you?

    Puerto Ricans don’t vote for POTUS but they also don’t pay federal income taxes. Also, joining the military is a choice; not a requirement so they know this beforehand.

    Mr. Graham is responsible for people believing Muslims commit terrorism or is it the Muslims who commit 99% of the terrorism responsible for this?

    GI Bill doesn’t need re-instated; its been there since WWII; it has never gone away. Oh and wars are not overly burdened on minorities; most military folks are white. So it will be mostly the overlooked lower-class whites who will suffer.

    Shouldn’t you point some of the blame to your fellow Muslim brothers for making it difficult to wear your hijab to prayer. After all if they weren’t out beheading, shooting, burning folks alive, no one would even look twice at your phucking hijab.

    TRUMP 2016!!!!!!

    • Sia

      Thank you Steven. Indeed, no one would even be debating about Islam if its followers were not killing and oppressing people worldwide. The proof of islam is the fruit of islam, death, destruction, oppression.

      How dare muslims live in the United States and complain about their treatment and rights. Go, please go, to a muslim run country, you silly girl, see what rights you have. If its so bad here, you are free to leave.

      There is no excuse for islam, it can’t be “reformed”, it has no place in civilized society, and neither do its followers.

    • Zeinab

      Steven there is a difference between Muslim and radical Muslim. Muslims follow the actual faith of Islam. Radical Muslims like the people in ISIS taking verses from the Qur’an and twisting their meaning to justify their actions of killing and beating. Then they hope it takes to the news and scares people enough to turn on each other which is exactly what you and @Sia are doing. ISIS is turning America on itself so in the end it won’t be ISIS to destroy us but it will be ourselves that do it.

  • balafama

    when someone describes themselves as muslim latina american i can tell whats more important to them…….their hispanic and islamic identity ,to hell with everything american .these goons don’t realize that if america goes down they will go down as well. their nice little capitalist lives which they despise so much will implode ,lets see how the little che guevaras will cope with their beloved socialism or islamic caliphates.

  • Christina Veronica Larsson

    I agree that there is a lot of anti-Islamic hate crimes happening in Canada right now, but not in every place. For example, I live in Fredericton, which is the capital of New Brunswick, and I’ve yet to see anything happen here. Heck, my landlady is a Muslim immigrant from Iran and has yet to experience any fresh hostility from the recent fear hike. If you need to, rest assured you can come to Fredericton!

  • Kelsey Dumont

    I agree almost 100% with your writing.
    1. Please don’t paint all white people with the same brush… Not all are from the upper east side, with a model sister with an eating disorder, who can afford university. I understand your point, I really do, but I think this could fall into stereotyping and that is the exact thing that we are arguing against.
    2. I live in Canada, and yes there are hate-crimes, but I truly do believe that the majority of us are better than that; I have a lot of Muslim friends, where I live, that state they’ve never had any trouble or rude comments said to them regarding religion, hijab, etc. Anyways, just want to say you would always be welcome here!!

    As for the rest of it… You are spot on. Sadly.