An A-Z Guide for Being a Good Muslim Ally

  • Bertram Roberts

    Obnoxious whining. “Literally so stressful being a Muslim right now!” The victimhood grows more profound with each terror attack.

  • Just Saying


    O YOU who have attained to faith! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for your allies: they are but allies of one another- and whoever of you allies himself with them becomes, verily, one of them; behold, God does not guide such evildoers.

  • El Cid

    This writer is confused, scared silly. Lacks faith, knowledge, confidence and good sense. A moral coward. Not the characteristics of a Muslim.

    Hey lady keep the Qur’an. Don’t imply its rewrite with all that sly gobbledygook you cooked up. You fool no one. Discard the hijab. A poke in the eye cultural baggage. Nothing to do with Islam especially when coupled with tight boy friend jeans down below where the ‘goods’ are.

    You hijabis are mere attention seeking trouble makers.There is little to nothing of it in Islam. Else show me its raison d’etre in the Qur’an.

    • Asfandyar Zwakwar

      Take it easy big guy. Muslim girls are special. Fragile, innocent, vulnerable but morally stronger like none other. But you know that already.

      This is not the time for cynicism or criticism. Fear is in the air. Compassion, consideration, extra care, protection and understanding must mellow your hard line. Did not Prophet Muhammad recommend that.

      • El Cid

        Constructive criticism is relevant. Muslims need to adapt to the forces aligned against them. Muslim women are especially vulnerable to this changing environment. They MUST adapt.

        Note that the author seemed to be flirting with the rewrite of the Qur’an as are other writers and blogs, but unable to question the hijab, a Saudi fitna.

        My question is simple: Reference the Qur’an? I acknowledge no other authority…least of the Saudi.

      • Juwairiyah

        Fragile, innocent, and vulnerable……it’s obvious you’re a guy. No offense, but that is not strictly true. Some of the least fragile and vulnerable women I know are practicing Muslims……because you can’t be easily broken, not in this world right now. Take it from a Muslim girl.

        • Asfandyar Zwakwar

          “Some of the least fragile and vulnerable women I know are practicing
          Muslims……because you can’t be easily broken, not in this world right
          now. Take it from a Muslim girl.”

          Muslim girl indeed. You have not even dared to register. And the hijabi, a hypocrite by definition…but that is quite another story altogether.

    • Melissa Sarsfield

      I tend to agree with you about the hijab, as an unnecessary provocation, but her overall advice is good commonsense. Useful and protective.

      • El Cid

        I concur. Her points are relevant, commendable. I was advocating adaptation as a survival mechanism. The hijab is a Saudi imposition. Not advocated in the Quran as such. No question that it is a provocation, a distortion of the image of Muslim women. Painting targets on them for any passing misfit to take a pot shot on.

        One should not overlook the total picture. The Saudi and the Israeli should be considered as the local hegemonic powers demolishing Muslim heritage and civilization.

        Their think tanks are working along with others to reinterpret Muslim scripture, dismantling Muslim families, economies, and countries.

        This work is on going: Reinterpret Islam, separating Muslims from Islam, rewriting the Quran in the Western image.

  • Asfandyar Zwakwar

    Be not afraid sister. These are hard times for Muslims but being Muslim was never easy. It is not going to be easy to be a Muslim, the Qur’an states that clearly, it never was expected to be easy.

    Life ends, will end one day for certain. No one gets out of here alive, but death is a paper tiger…a Muslim knows that too, for certain.

    Have courage, be brave sister,
    Peace be upon you.

  • MaatMenNefer

    Hello Muslim Girl, I know little of the Qua ran but one verse seems to cover a lot: Our lives are made by our deeds, not our prayers. I live very far away from everything and am rarely in cities but if I see anyone being mean and abusive to any Muslim woman or man, anywhere for anything, I will stand with them. I have no fear of of difference and welcome it! Peace Be Upon You and courage also. Live is the opposite of Evil.

  • Sia

    Our lives are made by our deeds, not our prayers. This is so true. To me it is unimaginable that you claim victimhood; poor muslim having no idea what the problem is, why there is so much animosity towards muslims.

    The root problem is that Islam is as Islam does. What are the results of Islam in the 21st century. Islam is the only religion that is killing people in the name if their god. Every Islamic run country ignores the human and equal rights of homosexuals and women. Every Islamic run country refuses to allow other religions to practice freely. There are no Islamic run countries that are free, prosperous and flourishing. Muslims flock to free western countries and expect them to cater to their religious demands and support them with government handouts.

    The problem is every time a terrorist attack by Islamic terrorists occurs, the muslims in western countries say that is not Islam, while the terrorists are proclaiming a victory for Allah and Islam. Then muslims start ramping up their victim status, claiming they are afraid for their lives because of backlash, while the real victims are dead, their blood still drying in the streets.

    The problem is that muslims seem to think that we have to learn about their religion, and argue with arcane text about why Islam is the religion of peace. No, we do not have to learn about your religion, you clearly have to school yourselves about your religion. One group is killing people in the name of Allah while another group is claiming to be a religion of peace. You can’t have it both ways. If Islam is a religion of peace, then it is the responsibility of Muslims to take their religion back from those who would use it to commit evil acts. Stop playing victim and control your religion, because right now it is clear that Islam is not a religion of peace by the fruit if the religion, which is oppressive intolerant societies and the killing, rape and enslavement of innocent people. Stop demanding equal rights in civilized societies, while not respecting the rights of others.

  • Blackstar

    Well these comments are… interesting. Thanks for posting this thoughtful and useful article. Keep up the good work. *Hug*.

  • http://www.cfsearchmarketing.com/ PM Fiorini

    This article is BULLSHIT. Why do Muslims
    kill homosexuals??? Why do women in the middle east wear beekeeper
    suits??? Why is the Rape Culture so prevalent in the mideast??? Why do
    you wear a fucking hijab??? If you don’t, then can beat and rape you
    too??? Fuck Islam and Fuck the Muslims. Islam is not compatible with the
    west. It’s a shit-hole of a 7th century religion and has no place in
    modern society.

    • Leyla Arash


  • Pat Deneen

    You make some very good points; keep in mind, xenophobia becomes more prevalent when people flaunt differences instead of embracing similarities.

    • J. Benson

      Embracing similarities while placing difference on the back-burner is also dangerous and can lead to white washing, which is xenophobic. I think our strategy lies in embracing difference.