Be an American Worthy of America

  • Fred

    Only victims are forced to accept things. Don’t be a victim. I am glad to see someone working to help the rest of us see Islam as you practice it. Those who would hurt us both are dominating the conversation about this faith and culture. No one wants to exploit your voice, but we do want to listen and learn from you. The voice we hear needs to be that of an ally, not a victim or an adversary.

  • Jill

    I just want to say I consider myself to be an ordinary American. I do not own a gun, nor do I want to. I have fears based upon experiences as an American. I want to learn more about my Muslim American cohabitants in the spirit of understanding and opening doors.

  • Don Blade

    I feel for the majority of American Muslims.. I am not muslim, but realize its very tough on these families.. In the rare occurence a muslim stands out we hear about it… American cannot sustain its place where is the land of the free.. Its not! We have evolved into this.. America has reached accross boarders for its own interest, maybe the interest was needed to sustain American.. USA is not where it is because its nice, but at the same time i have very close friends who come back from serving in the military and they are also antimuslims for the things they see how poeple are treated.. Unless everyone educates themselves i guess its a mute point… I am scared also and would not want to give up my firearm because its a horrible world out there.. No good answers to help GOOD people.. The invisble hand is directing us whether we are muslim, black, white, good or bad.. wish it did not have to get worse to get better.. shame shame

  • Anees

    Though I’ve been deactivated from Facebook since March (so I’ve missed all the bigoted comments) – I’m still on Twitter and Instagram and my family has also told me to watch what I say – and I even have family members (cousins)spying on me and reporting to my mom when I was on Facebook. I haven’t posted anything bad, but I think even my family (again my cousins) doesn’t want to see my statements (had found out they had blocked me for a period). But I’ve gotten positive feedback from local Twitter buddies, as I’m just about the only Muslim in the group (fans of our NBA team) – we consider ourselves a family as fans, so they’ve been very supportive.

  • Zeinab

    I am a Muslim American and I am scared of what will happen if Donald Trump is elected that he will follow through on his Promise. I hope that if he is elected and tries to do this that it will be ruled unconstitutional in the Supreme Court and people will start to see the error in their bigoted comments.

    • El Cid

      “I am a Muslim American and I am scared of what will happen if Donald
      Trump is elected that he will follow through on his Promise.

      You are a Muslim…and you are scared…!
      That does not say much for being a Muslim.

      • Alice Vieyra

        What are you saying, that Muslims don’t get scared or are you suggesting that they should not get scared?