Stoya, Consent, Social Media & the Potential Fall of James Deen

  • Cindy

    Excellent .

  • Misanthropia

    The porn industry is built on abuse and degradation. Porn sexualises rape, pedophilia, abuse, incest and even racist fetishes(black women, Asian women etc). James Deen is not the exception, rather he’s the norm in this industry. Heck even the first female porn star, Linda Lovelace, talks about her initiation into pornography was a gang rape and how she was coerced to do the film Deep Throat and was also even forced into bestial sex with a dog. Even the softest core porn hypersexualises and objectifies women to the extent that they are not seen as people any more. It messes with men’s brains and makes them less capable of pursuing normal sexual relationships with women. Just look at countries like Japan, where men watch a lot of porn but are highly awkward when they want to have sex or a relationship with an average woman. Let’s also talk about the fact that some factions of the porn industry in America has actually lobbied to make child pornography legal.