These Women Are #NotYourRespectableHijabi

  • Sara

    Saying hijabis can’t wear makeup is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. The prophets wife herself would wear kohl (eyeliner) so who’s to say you can’t wear makeup in Islam?
    My mosque teacher used to always tell me that if you want to beautify yourself, do so, and it is actually liked in Islam to beautify yourself.

    • Nuzhat

      of course but i heard that you can’t wear make up that will make you stand out and attract (unwanted) attention. what do you think about it because I’m not sure.

  • Orlando

    It’s interesting discourse my two sense (if it’
    s worth anything) check your intentions (niyat). If it is done specifically to draw attention fromIf other men-flirtatious then it may be wrong . I can recall in pre-Islamic history (not that am that old) women used to wear bells on their ankles and stomp their feet to get attention of the opposite gender…the Prophet Muhammad SAWS did away with that practice.modesty is for both male and females and are limits set by Allah and our beloved Rasulullah SAWS. Now rulings by sheikhs and Ulama should be looked into with open minds; i.e. wudhu–abolution washing for prayers does the makeup prevent one from Washington those parts commanded in Quran and Sunnah (water must wash the skin)? We should always put the best construction on criticism, but sometimes people can become like haram police, snobbish , self righteous , judgmental and stuck up. Here is a hadith doings of Prophet Muhammad SAWS once he was with his wives and a brother came to visit Rasulullah SAWS and the Prophet Muhammad did not tell them to leave their presence then then a blind brother entered and He told them to leave, the wives said why he is blind the Prophet Muhammad SAWS said are you?