DJ Khaled’s Snapchat Gives You the Key to Success

  • Just Saying

    man, this fat guy who says to eat healthy has been up for 3 days? must be a slow news cycle. not much happening, huh?

  • Lol I fucked ur mom

    ight miss muslim pig, explain why he wears crosses and drinks APPLE CIROC aka VODKA aka ALCOHOL which is apparently some how a huge deal even though all of the people even leading up to when Christianity and Islam split, aka Abraham stays with Isaac, no he doesn’t go with Ishmael. have fun debunking this lol (your faith is a lie) and I’ll see a month from now where this was either deleted or has no response.

  • Tahira Ayub

    Glad to know you’ll have a reason to come back in a month and see the site! Have a great day. :)