ISIS Wants to Drive ‘Gray Zone’ Muslims to Extinction

  • Munna

    As is the wont of any outfit, ISIS is gradually propagating its own ideology, that was expected all along. However, it’s to be seen when Muslims will learn to cry-n-lament for the deaths of so many other Muslims from the hands of this barbaric outfit instead of looking for scapegoats in the form of West and despotic regimes.

  • Cadie

    I’d say we cry and lament. Not our faults if not everyone can see that. And why sweep the west’s role under the rug? @munna

  • Standard Salvage

    The right attitude for the West to take about Islam is, “Believe what you like, since you have come after us with deadly force, we will eliminate you and all you stand for, all you cherish and all you consider holy by deadly force. You’ve asked for it.”

    What we need is to punish the perpetrators of terrorism, including those who finance actual perpetrators in their bad actions, and including states which sponsor by financing, supporting and encouraging bad actions. We need to fight a war against those states which are using state-sponsored terrorism to advance their cause of bringing the western world to its knees. We need to do this in such a way that the so-called “moderate” Muslims see that their cause is not only evil, but hopeless. This means that attacks must not be planned to spare the “moderate” Muslims.

    If the “moderate” Muslims want to preserve any parts of their religion, I think that we in the West must give them an ultimatum: if you don’t stop these insane practitioners of your so-called “peaceful” religion, we will do it for you, and there will be nothing left of it when we’re finished.

    That was the message to Japan in WWII, and that is what we need to do now with Islam. Nothing less than victory — meaning that we have to fight the war, the right war for the right reasons with the right goals, or this carnage will simply continue.