Week of 11/20/15: Canada Becomes Worst Place Ever for Muslims

  • Bertram Roberts

    Cry me a river. Notably missing from the list of “probs” is today’s massacre in Mali.

    • Sara Jama

      OH FUCk off!! This is a Muslim and open minded individuals website. If you have a problem with my religion you should join some kkk, or anti Islamic group or website form that praises Islamophobia idiots like yourself.

  • Munna

    Now-a-days a lot of countries are putting up this or that laws or rulings over the Muslims population so as to make them conform to their specific country cultural or way of life values. Most of this can also be termed as measures to stop the rampant migration. If Muslims are not feeling good about these measures put up by the countries, they can always shun the particular country as far as migrating to that country is concerned, I don’t think that would evoke much tears from others as Muslim countries themselves don’t allow other faith holders much rights over their religious and social practices in their Muslim states, nor do they welcome migration of other faith holding people to their lands.

    • Sara Jama

      I am in my mid 20’s and almost my late 20’s. Majority Muslims of my generations have been born in Western nations and call partially Western Nations homes. Why should they leave the only place that they know as “home”. Whenever a white person commits a truly disgusting crimes, such as school shooting, murder, rape, sexual exploitation of minors, hate crimes, and yet no one blames their religion or their race expect self-proclaimed mental illness, but whenever a minority crimes a crime that is completely against their religion, westerner’s blame their religion even though it is completely against their religion. Also, he or she may be suffering from psychological delusions psychotic such as PTSD etc. But the only thing you hear from someone who is minority and committed a crime is their race, or religion and NOT their mental state.

      • Munna

        I don’t think my earlier post was targeting you personally. It was addressed in general to Muslim populace who’s not coming in terms with their place of migration. Nor is the Muslim population concerned with the plight of people from other faiths who go to Muslim countries. If you enjoy the level of rights in other countries then you should also voice the same level of rights to be adopted in Muslim countries too, if you won’t do that, I’m afraid sometimes or the other, words like hypocrite might be hurled at yourself.

  • Aslam Azhar

    My impression was that Canada was warm and inviting for Muslims. Sort of neutral politically. Cold, in the climate sense.

  • Sara Jama

    I think this title used the wrong title. Canada should of been replaced with America.

    Canadian are more friendly and more welcoming than Americans. I have experienced Islamophobia during 911 and afterwards of 911. Other than that I have not experienced any Islamophobia since ISIS and Paris Attack, but I have been snarled at, discriminated against, and been treated differently by group of ignorant redneck bastards who have been brainwashed by powerful propaganda and false beliefs of Muslims.