Dear Mr. President: This Is How People Become Extremists

  • Munna

    Obsession with religion often tends to make the obsessionist follower tread on the path of intolerance and becoming radical. Unfortunately, Muslims are in abundance who are greatly obsessed with their religion as far as its implementation is concerned regarding political, social spheres of life. Instead of keeping the religion just a faith based on personal choices, they resorting to a faith likely to be imposed on others as well in the form of Sharia laws, this is bringing all the conflicts.

    • Bertram Roberts

      Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama are obsessed with religion, and you don’t see them behaving this way. On the other hand, you have the Chinese Communists who are obsessed with anti-religion and they butcher the Falun-Gong till the cows come home. It sounds trite, but there’s something beyond religion with these ISIS creeps. Something they have in common with violent radicals of all stripes. That being said, I thoroughly resent the tone of this article that tries to make excuses for the terrorists, Oh, the poor dears are poor and without hope. Terrorism is the response to oil imperialism and abject poverty. Cut the crap, Osama bin Laden hailed from one of the richest families in the Middle East. All these ISIS hackers and tech specialists weren’t born in mud huts and raised in dung, and neither were the perps of the Paris attacks. They’re educated, privileged people. They’re radicals because they choose to be. I wish these Muslim talking heads would stop making excuses and trying blame circumstances and the dastardly West for their crappy coreligionists.

      • Munna

        I don’t think that Pope Francis and Dalai Lama are obsessed with religion specifically as they have their own views on so many things. Having independent views is also a part of being sane and experienced enough. It’s just the craving that your religion should reign supreme no matter what the situation or society or things that maketh the obsessionist.
        Don’t think that social status or economic status helps much in stopping the person from going gung-ho about religion. It’s just the heightened/uncontrolled desire to crave for religion, ideology that ascerbate the situation to an extent that’s much bad in every sense.
        Shying away from reality is always the tactics of people, whether religionist or otherwise to stop or divert away from the stark truths against their ideals as people cling onto their favorite things like….obsessed.

  • Zarqa Enthusiast

    Bertram, I’m sorry that what you received from this article was an “excuse” for terrorist activity rather than an understanding. Binladin was a product of the United States who went rogue as are ISIS.