Death Threats At Virginia Tech: How Should Muslims Respond?

  • Dara Klein

    This article is a load of crap. Islamaphobia? Really? I can’t imagine why people would be afraid of the cult of murderers and terrorists that the religion of Islam is. Get the f** out of our universities and countries! Who invited you here? You screw up your own countries and you flood all the other countries of the world like insects! That’s what you are, insects! GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRIES, YOU INSECTS!

    • actual anonymous

      universities are a muslim invention?

  • Cake123

    Hahahah these idiotic,ignorant , racist anti Islam people actually make me laugh I have never had a good laugh in agesssss their comments are usually aimed to be condescending but it turns out to be plain stupidity really. Hmmm if your going to kills us all i won’t think you will survive (laughs) 😂😂😂