This Arab Girl Just Remixed Adele’s ‘Hello’ With Fairouz

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  • Ahmad Adham

    There’s no words to say the only thing I can say nw that ur amazing and u worth it keep it up Amazing is just a little word for u

  • Misho Haddad

    Mashallah that was beautiful Habibty, keep up the good work. You put two beautiful songs together and anyone that loves fairouz will love this. Are you planing on putting it on iTunes?

  • Abdallah

    Fear Allah brothers and sisters! This kind of singing by women for the consumption of mixed audiences, which includes non-mahram men, is strictly prohibited in Islam. To MuslimGirl.net staff: in the future, please refrain from perpetuate this kind of content!


    • thisguy

      Shut up you monkey, back to the stone age with you

    • Iman

      Then don’t listen. We like it and don’t see anything wrong with it.

    • Neveen

      Seriously dude? Seriously?!

    • Marielynnissa

      Okay, first of all, I don’t think she’s Muslim (judging by her name) so you can’t force your religion on her. Even if she is, so what? You’re such an ignorant person who is so deeply affected by religion in a very negative way. I see a lot of Muslims enjoyed the vid. Your argument is totally invalid. Get off the Internet lol.

      • Just Saying

        his argument is deeply rooted in islam. music is haram according to some fiqh. and female singers are especially frowned upon. did you read his link?

        • Devileyes

          no he didn’t, he think’s he’s a know it all genius when in fact he’s more stupid than the shoes i wear for my work everyday

          • Just Saying

            are you telling me that music is not haram according to some in islam? just google, ‘music is haram’.

          • Devileyes

            no i was agreeing with you, music is indeed haram as said by a big percentage of scholars

    • Karl

      Ew bitch, fuck off u and your brilliant believes. Get off the internet, oh sorry u can’t Cz u are watching porn hub. Motha fucka…

    • _walk_my_way

      you are a disgrace for all humanity

      • Jeff

        What disgrace are you stupid or something? Kids these days ! Her voice is amazing and you really dont need te express your shitty opinion because the only one who is a disgrace to humanity is you

        • Devileyes

          no you

    • Moe

      Abdallah, I would enjoy beating the fuck out of you. I would also love to grab you by the hair and amd beat your face into the cement. I’m muslim and Allah won’t forgive you for what you just said you hayawein.

      • Just Saying

        it is well known that popularity of female singers is a sign of the end times in islam.
        Monique, you are a muslim? your adab is quite poor.

      • Devileyes

        no you’re not muslim

    • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Support-Palestine/161018663993806?fref=ts MiPerception

      Really? Point to where it says that in the Qur’an.

  • http://pow.photos/ Mahmoud Ghazayel

    I didn’t like it that much

  • Yazan Samara

    May God bless her such an Angel voice!!! it gets deeeeep there lovely angel voice!!!

  • Zee

    Wow just wow anyone who has a problem or say it haram what are you doing here listening for I like seriously if you don’t like don’t listen

  • Ramy Daniel

    Beautiful voice, contact us at dejavufilms.com.au if you wish to make a video clip. it would be our pleasure to help.

  • Mireille

    I love it!

  • Demi

    Oh my god her voice is amazing she should do something with it, why doesn’t she enter in a singing competition ?

  • TP

    This is nice, but on a sidenote, if this girl is in fact Christian (as I suspect), how would you explain it being posted on a website called “muslimgirl”? Just goes to show you the unblinking ways in which we tie Arabness to Islam. Arab girl singing with bare midriff= let’s post on Muslim girl website. If she were any other ethnicity this would not have made it on the site.

    The purpose is not to police anyone’s dress, but to point out our mental associations.

    • Mehdi

      So certain of yourself, hebla scarfy.

      • Brenda

        That’s was way out of line dude I could make a problem out of what you just said 2). She is wrong but no need for name calling some people don’t really appreciate that

    • Just Saying

      maybe she is a friend of the poster? or maybe the poster is a fan? how is one to know? oh wait, I got: “She is also my queen”. I’m going with the author/poster is a fan.

  • AC

    Love it

  • http://maleeshda3wa.tumblr.com Nadia

    Why is this on a Muslim girl website?

    • Moumen Al-Eryani

      why not?

      • miriiam

        :) Yes, why not :) She has the right to be on whatever site she wanna be on, – and besides – who cares? She sings beautifully, that is why I am here, to listen to her sing :) All the best for her! :)

  • Roger T.

    Euh, not all Muslim women are covered up. You are all ignorant about the region. As a matter of fact, the Shi’ites are very modern. The Sunnis less so. And in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq (pre-war) women did not have to be in hijabs and burqas if they didn’t want to. We aren’t all animals, and not all Muslim either. There are Christian Arabs and Jewish Arabs too, idiots!

    • Ali

      While you are correct that not all Muslim women are covered up, you are wrong about the Shiites being very modern. Both Sunnis and Shiites are on equal footing when it comes to hijab and burqas. Some women don’t put them on because they think its a personal choice not because Islam allows them to. Also, this particular girl, I don’t think she is Muslim.

      • Just Saying

        they certainly don’t look very modern when whipping and cutting themselves during ashura.

        • sara_houra

          Don’t talk about something you have no clue about. No body whips or cuts themselves during Ashura. That comment just shows how uneducated you are. Its not a whip, its nothing like a whip what you are reffering to is a zangir and its a cultural tradition. Instead of “sine zadan”(which you probably don’t know what that is, not surprised) they use a zangir.

    • Just Saying

      who are you talking to? or about? who are the idiots that think all arabs are muslims?

    • pawley

      why do people focus on appearances, God only sees the inside of the heart and soul.

    • Vjechnik Boshnjak Said Muminov

      Do not get in trep to explain and teach those who don’t know anything, those who think that they are better then others……usually they are the bad ones.

      • Just Saying

        are you talking about Muhammad?

        • Vjechnik Boshnjak Said Muminov

          No, l am talking about you dumb ass.

          • Just Saying


          • El Cid

            Well said. He is a well know unemployed Atheist shit bag. Semi literate, high school drop out, trailer trash turd. Ugly as sin. Self proclaimed drunk, druggie, debauch. Admitted procurer of prostitutes and sluts. His words not mine.

            He is always trolling Muslim sites spewing poison, rubbish garbage, disinformation about Muslims, Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran.

            He has nothing constructive to offer, ever. Not worth your time.

        • Amana Begam

          Lol. You are trying to be rational with these well programed fanatic people. They won’t have a single logical answer but you’ll be dumbass. And why are you only seeing middle east, they even established their dark sharia law in Democratic country ( India) and snatching away Muslim women rights. Violation of human rights .

          • Mr. Facts

            Shariah in India? You are truly talking from your bottom (excuse my language)!

          • Amana Begam

            Yeah m excusing you for that. what did make you so astonish? Indian constitution is democratic and secular. But in the name of secularism they give Muslim community to follow their law in some matter specially in marriage,divorce and polygamy which is basically against women. (same for christian community they have different rule according their suitability)


          • Just Saying

            we have states passing laws that will ban religious laws in state courts and the muslims are so funny about it. first they argue that the laws are meaningless, because everyone already goes by the same law. so why are they against the new laws if they only reinforce the existing law. then they say they just want sharia in family law.

          • Amana Begam

            They are not funny, they just make all excuses to spread their religion. they have nothing more important than religion, even i heard many stating we should die if come to religion now why they are running for life from Syria.( I shouldn’t say so, though they are civilian people trying to survive, but why they don’t stand against wrong)
            I wish this shariya would be abolish from India too, however not so easy as it is kinda political issue.
            By the way you didn’t tell from which country you are?

          • Just Saying

            I’m an American. I live in Tampa Bay Florida.
            gotta eat diner, and there is football [real football, not soccer] on tonight, talk to ya latter. have a good night, or morning, what ever it is where you are.

          • John Beazley

            Real football? As a Brit who has lived in the US for many years, I have never understood why a nation that commends itself on its male virility, needs to wear 20 lbs of armour just to play rugby.

          • Just Saying

            the armor allows to hit harder. I haven’t watched much rugby, but when I have I don’t recall ever thing, that was a great tackle. Australian rules football is much better than rugby. but again without a helmet you can’t lead with your head and make a great hit.

          • Just Saying

            there is sharia law in Israel.

          • El Cid

            Yeah, in that cut throat country where they rape women as a hobby and burn Muslims alive…women, children and even babies.

          • Amana Begam

            wow. who told you they burn Muslim alive??? there is religious tensions and some history of riots. And yes there are Hindu fanatic groups, but still there are liberal majority (Hindu), that’s why most lovable president was Muslim(A.P.J. Abdul Kalam), Most popular male actor who ruled Bollywood are Muslim(Khans).
            But i won’t defend there is many problem in my country but we are hopeful and working on building the nation and providing security to women too.

          • Shuukla Ranii

            I am born and bred American. Not a Muslim but an agnostic with Hindu
            ancestry. I just returned from India. My very first visit that I cut short.
            What a horrid place. Will not go there again.

          • Amana Begam

            That’s your view. you are entitled to have your point of view. please don’t come back your ancestry. :)

          • Just Saying

            Brunei implemented the hadd punishments last year, and the providence of Aceh in Indonesia just started lashing people. the Maldives is a good example of the salafi’s success. Bangladesh is becoming more and more Islamic. of course you have all sort of stuff going on in Africa, not just boko haram. hell morocco just arrested a gay british tourist.
            how are the deobandi doing in india?

          • Amana Begam

            In India still things are cool as they (we lol) are minority,though wahhabism spreading . but still Indian Muslim are different. From my surrounding I observe even Orthodox Muslims believe in secularism and wanna focus on progress. I’m hopeful and waiting for day they will accept uniform civil code.

          • El Cid

            “dark sharia law in Democratic country ( India) and snatching away Muslim women rights. Violation of human rights>
            What are talking about? Are you an Atheist playing tag with a known Islam hater, disinformation agent, cut and paster? What is your point? Make your point, lets see what you got?

          • Amana Begam

            Islam hater? that’s big word. I’m talking about rules which is allowed in India. what’s so mysterious in it? you can get your information through your source.

          • El Cid

            You obviously have a problem with English comprehension. Reread my post. Take a deep breath and try again. You have had your shot.

          • Amana Begam

            don’t worry i’m not furious, yes my English isn’t good. you may be right i’m not getting comprehension.

          • Amana Begam

            wow i’m agent , so funny , I’ve never heard joke like this. If someone have different kinda view ,that gonna be agent???

          • El Cid

            Not funny in the least when you make up stuff. Don’t make up stuff. Where did I say you are an agent? Go ahead show me.

          • Amana Begam

            show you what ? what you wanna know . that my claim of Shriya law in India for specific matter is right or not?

          • El Cid

            Show me where I called you an agent?

          • Amana Begam

            And read your questions

            What are talking about? Are you an Atheist playing tag with a known Islam hater, disinformation agent, cut and paster? What is your point?

          • El Cid

            You need to go back to school. Try Logic 101 and Basic English Comprehension for a start.

          • Amana Begam

            you don’t need to tell me what i should do. Not knowing a language properly doesn’t put question mark on my logic. but being arrogant doesn’t make you so humble.

          • Amana Begam

            oh so you are saying the person, whom i were talking, is Islam hater,disinformation agent. got it

          • El Cid

            Now that you are aware of it. And can argue and discuss rationally I have no problem replying to you. Just don’t imply that which I have not said.

            I will also try to be more careful, learn to communicate better, clearly.

  • GA

    How the hell did this turn in to a religion battle. Who cares about that, it’s irrelevant just admire and enjoy the fact that this girls voice is absolutely beautiful and it’s available for us online to enjoy it.

    Shame on all of you

    • Jacki Swed

      I do agree with you GA.

    • Just Saying

      islam is an ALL ENCOMPASSING religion. that includes ‘guidance’ on music.

      • Moumen Al-Eryani

        No its not, it just advises not to over sing and forget about your life. Asshole go research everything before you make assumptions

        • Just Saying

          did you just call me an asshole? lol. your adab is extremely poor.

          I’m not making an assumption. I’m reporting what I’ve been told by muslims, and what I’ve read.

          I have to research everything? then I can never make a comment, it would take several lifetimes to research everything.

          this is a lecture for children, none the less:


          • Dunya Osman

            Are you just trolling this page for the hell of it? I’m confused on your point. That muslims arent allowed to listen to music? who the hell cares if that clearly isn’t what is happening. Majority of human beings in general listen to music. Some of the biggest arab singers are Christian and still popular in the arab community along with Muslim singers. So who cares what religion she is and who cares if you think Islam forbids listening to music? irrelevant topic.

          • Just Saying

            the salafi are rising. nothing irrelevant about that.

          • Dunya Osman

            and you commenting about it on music video is doing what??? it dosent matter what is rising, people are still going to listen to music. People are commenting saying how amazing this girls voice is and you’re over here saying the salafi are rising… it’s actually really irrelevant

          • Just Saying

            good to hear the girl’s voice is amazing. but there is nothing irrelevant about world events. it is not irrelevant because as I said, islam is an ALL ENCOMPASSING religion according to muslims.
            do you read the news?

          • Dunya Osman

            You’re missing the point here, it doesn’t matter if Islam is an “all encompassing religion”, all people, including muslims continue to listen to music lol. even if 3425253254 news outlets tell you otherwise, you can easily witness it with your own eyes. and you say it as if the news is actually a credible and unbiased, untampered source of information. pshh go home, troller

          • Just Saying

            what does the news have to do with interpretations of sharia?

          • John Beazley

            You really are pathetic. Talk to any Bible bashing idiot in the deep south of the US and they will tell you that Christianity is all encompassing. Go troll somewhere else.

          • Just Saying

            I’ve talked to many bible [I think the term you are looking for is] thumbing Christians in the south. often they are as bad as the muslims. so does that relieve the msulims of their craziness? I see you have an Eiffel tower for your icon. have any southern Christians ever shot up Paris? your attempts at deflection are funny.

          • JEF

            If you’re going to drag the actions of Christians into your argument, you’re clearly more ignorant that I previously thought! You’re missing much of your US History & are either unaware, omitting or glossing over the fact that Christians colonized the Americas, decimating indigenous populations through the introduction of foreign illnesses, forced religious beliefs & aggressive tactics to achieve submission viewing them as an ignorant threat to their colonization simply because they didn’t understand a simplistic lifestyle that differed so vastly from their own values. Different does NOT mean bad or threatening, rather it’s an opportunity to learn more about the world we live in and the vast variation of people we share this planet with. Time to open eyes & mind, grow up and develop even the tiniest amount of understanding, compassion and empathy for those different from yourself!

          • Just Saying

            the other guy brought up Christians. of course Christians colonized the Americas.

            “grow up and develop even the tiniest amount of understanding,” I need to develop understanding. ok, but you need to work on your reading comprehension.
            so you are a knowledgeable muslim, right? can you tell me where gog and magog are?

          • JEF

            Again, you are demonstrating your ignorance of world religions, politics, and to an extent your lack of compassion and understanding for others by basing your commentary on the words of others and what you hear broadcast. The information disseminated to the public through broadcast or print is such a small fraction of the whole picture, and is often exaggerated and dramatized with significant bias depending on the aource of the information, that you’re continuing to display your ignorance by accepting the words of others at face value without further educating yourself or checking the validity and applicability of public news rather than questioning the accuracy and widespread generalizability of what you’re hearing or reading. An intelligent individual would question everything and seek additional information until obtaining reliable factual sources on which to base their personal opinions and comments made to the public.

          • Just Saying

            what? that didn’t even make sense.

            so are you claiming that islam is not an all encompassing religion?

            so do you question the Koran?


            FORBIDDEN to you is carrion, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and that over which any name other than God’s has been invoked,7 and the animal that has been strangled, or beaten to death, or killed by a fall, or gored to death, or savaged by a beast of prey, save that which you [yourselves] may have slaughtered while it was still alive; and [forbidden to you is] all that has been slaughtered on idolatrous altars.8

            And [you are forbidden] to seek to learn through divination what the future may hold in store for you:9 this is sinful conduct.

            Today, those who are bent on denying the truth have lost all hope of [your ever forsaking] your religion: do not, then, hold them in awe, but stand in awe of Me!

            Today have I perfected your religious law for you, and have bestowed upon you the full measure of My blessings, and willed that self-surrender unto Me shall be your religion.’10

            As for him, however, who is driven [to what is forbidden] by dire necessity11 and not by an inclination to sinning – behold, God is much-forgiving, a dispenser of grace.

            “perfected” lmfao.

          • Naci

            That’s like saying the Klu Klux Klan are rising. Salafis are already falling flat on their ugly faces. Wake up! Islam is Mercy not Murder!

          • Just Saying

            what? you think the salafi are falling on their faces? do you read any news what so ever? you can’t see what is happening in north Africa? turkey?
            how about the Taliban and the Islamic State, certainly you see what is happening with them.

          • Just Saying
          • Mohamed Ali Ender

            scapegoat for your justification to what you hear and or read right, lol

          • Just Saying

            What are you talking about

          • JEF

            This beautiful, talented and brave young woman blended music and lyrics from two cultures at extreme odds, in such an amazingly beautiful & melodic manner, you can’t help but hear the peace within her. If you want to make informed commentary on issues which you clearly are NOT knowledgeable about, then yes, you should do your research before making and publicizing any comments whatsoever. Stating that you’re comment is meant as a lecture for children further demonstrates your close mindedness and ignorance by propagating inaccurate information to our youth. Until you’ve read and or studied the Koran in depth yourself, you have no business commenting on a religion in which your sole basis of knowledge has been obtained from second, third or further removed parties as you yourself stated. You CANNOT generalize extremist sects and acts of any religion as the overriding mentality of any given group, social, religious or other. You should learn to take your time, think and educate yourself before making statements of any kind so as to avoid inadvertently offending or insulting others, particularly during times of such sensitive and extensive global turmoil.

          • Just Saying

            dude, I didn’t say my comment was for the children. I was saying that the youtube link directly following that sentence was for children. it is Yusuf estes that says music is haram, not me.

            I’ve read the Koran. and many hadiths. i’ll comment on every religion in the world if I want. I know muslims hate freedom of speech, but here in America we have freedom of speech and I will exercise that whenever I want.

            how are muslims third or further removed parties? that doesn’t even make sense.

            “You CANNOT generalize” where did I generalize?

            “to avoid inadvertently offending or insulting others” lol. this guy calls me an asshole, but you are worried about me inadvertently offending or insulting others. your hypocrisy is hilarious.

            lecture your brother in the ummah.

            how’s this for inadvertently insulting others: Muhammad was a cock sucker.

            [4.86] And when you are greeted with a greeting, greet with a better (greeting) than it or return it; surely Allah takes account of all things.

            account for that allah.

          • JEF

            As mentioned before all world religions have multiple sects that have split from their original founding tenets, so in stating that your information was gained from speaking to Muslims and from what you’ve read, while not specifying your specific sources and the religious sect to which they were written in is like saying all Jews (Various European & American orthodox Jewish sects, the Hasidic Jews, Ashkenaze Jews, etc…) or all Christians (Catholics, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Baptists, Methodist and so on) all follow and share the same values beliefs and practices of the original branch of religion. If this were the case, religions would never have split into different sects, were it not for individuals and groups altering the original belief systems to suit their evolving needs, mentalities and values as the world and societies continue evolve. Most world religions have been split into such diverse sects within each, that to generalize the extremist beliefs of one particular sub-sect to an entire religion is not only inaccurate but ignorant.

          • Just Saying

            ah yes, Muhammad said there would be 72 or 73 sects in islam.

            from the ahmadi to the alawites, from the salafi to the sufi.

            you are reading words that aren’t there. I never said all.

            I don’t know what kind of muslim Yusuf ali claims to be, a salafi maybe. how about dr zaik (however you spell the indian guys name?) maybe he is deobandi? when cat stevens converted to islam he renounced all his music and music in general. now he is back to performing music, so you never know.


            should we get into the hadiths on the popularity of female singers being a sign of the ‘end times’? or would that be ignorant of me?

          • JEF

            My apologies for stating your ignorance…. My correction would be that you’re simply displaying lack of understanding, compassion and empathy for those different from yourself (which as an American is entirely your right, despite being perceived as elitist and prejudiced); However your generalized & judgmental commentary and subsequent perceived mentality only contributes to & supports the larger driving forces behind the extensive turmoil we currently see throughout this beautiful world we live in. I guess our differences lie in the fact that I prefer to be part of the solution rather than reinforcing the worlds prejudices & problems. While I alone can’t change the world or public opinion, I believe that individuals and those I encounter or engage in conversation with are much greater and have more to offer than simply judging them based on their association with the country, culture or religion to which they belong. No judgement, & apologies for my earlier criticisms, to each their own. I’m simply saddened by those with narrow world views who lack open mindedness & the ability or desire to improve the current human condition in this world. Historically all world religions were originally founded on the same basic principle of “do unto others” and it’s distressing to see how far religions and humans in general have strayed from this simplistic yet profound concept. All the best in your future discussions/debates.

          • Just Saying

            no. no. you are right to call me ignorant. after all the root of the word is ignore. I most definitely ignore the Koran and sunnah.

            “improve the current human condition in this world” wouldn’t leaving these ancient superstitions behind improve the current condition? it is always funny when muslims talk about prejudice and being treated as ‘the other’. yet the Koran speaks of us who disbelieve as ‘the losers’. we are the parable of those who kindle a fire and allah extinguisher our fire, blind, deaf and dumb. stumbling to and fro. what is it the a 25:44 says? we are but like cattle, nay farther from the right path.
            so are you open minded? is it possible that the Koran is bullshit?
            “do unto others”? I thought muslims were to ‘enjoin the good and forbid the evil’? the question is what is evil. or as a friend of mine said earlier, what is ‘justice’ and what is ‘injustice’?
            some muslims say music is haram/evil. so what’s up wit dat?

          • JEF

            I’d respond to your questions, however i don’t feel that this page, which should focus on the beautiful musical compilation by such a talented young woman, is the proper forum to continue discussing the current topic.

          • Just Saying

            ok. go to this page: https://disqus.com/home/channel/religion/discussion/channel-religion/what_do_u_think_about_islam/
            if the link doesn’t work you can click on my name and see my comment history. maybe you can explain the quote from ‘the book of jihad, by ibn nuhaas’ I posted? about how I am a cancer and should be cut out of society?

        • Mohamed Ali Ender


    • Emma

      Exactly. Thank you GA. All Islam says is that you should love Allah SWT more than anything else including music and dancing, makes sense. lol.

  • Asila

    Palestinian beauty

  • rola

    Hi guys this girl is stunning iam a Muslim Shia I support modern life freedom love u all we are all humans love the Muslims Jewish Christians and buddies no matter who u are iam 100 Shia Muslim Lebanese American from baalbeck u go girl

    • Just Saying

      does that have a temple of baal there?

  • W3D4D

    This had nothing to do with islam or Muslims. Even if it is you can’t judge ppl u have to look at your self first and that’s what islam teach us to not judge. In fact it says she is an arabic girl and that doesn’t mean she’s a muslim just cuz she’s arab, and what does this has to do anything with religion anyway. It’s really wrong to criticize other ppl when u don’t like it happening to u.

  • TheTruth

    What are you guys doing? Why do u post such things in this site? OH dear God.. this page will soon be called for “haramgirls” and its topics will not be “faith” but it will be “fitnah”. May God guide us all.

    • Just Saying

      kill em all. allu Akbar.

    • Moumen Al-Eryani

      Wtf you talking about let her live life and allah will do whatever he wants to with her.

      • Just Saying

        he is ‘enjoining the good and forbidding the evil’.

    • thisguy

      If a girl showing her hair is enough for you to get an erection, you need to get out more.

  • Just Saying

    isn’t this ‘cultural misappropriation’?

  • pawley


  • Cat

    Eeeh excuse you but that girl is actually Christian. Where the fuck did you get the idea that all middle easterns are muslims ?!!??

  • Vjechnik Boshnjak Said Muminov

    Beautiful voice and interpretation. ….

  • Devileyes

    shes a sharmouta

    • anonymous

      you’re mother charmouta

      • Devileyes

        nah, only yours and well this little shit singing over here…
        oh and btw it’s “your” not “you’re” which means “you are”..
        but what can i expect from an illiterate little shit like you..

  • Ache

    Music you retards…

  • AuGuR

    Music has no boundaries, you people talking about religion here should seriously be ashamed of and get over yourselves.

  • Dave

    Really stunning voice. Loved to hear it.

  • ConorDunphy2

    Cool. Cool.

  • sara_houra

    Interesting, its an “Arab” girl she’s not a girl but she’s an Arab girl. Seriously?

  • SU

    It’s tragic how no one can listen to good music when a different language is involved. It’s sad that we all immediately resort to arguing about who is right and who is wrong when it comes to religion. How do you guys even know she’s Muslim? How do you guys suddenly know her background, her culture, based on a small verse she sang in her language?

    Everyone needs to stop fighting and battling over one another’s beliefs. Just listen to some music and appreciate the immense amount of talent thousands have in this world.

  • EBA


  • Anees

    What a voice! Awesome performance!

  • PJ

    She is almost naked. That doesn’t work in the religion of peace. ISIL won’t be happy about this.

  • Munna

    Good effort…!

  • Aslam Azhar

    Good try. Has a long way to go, though. Now Googoosh…!

  • cezook

    How beautiful! Both the girl and her voice.

  • Fatoomy

    Gorgeous, smallah 3alaiha. One of the most moving mash up covers I’ve ever heard. So happy to hear my two languages come together so effortlessly. No trolls can ruin this for me!

    (Don’t feed the frenzy loves, there’s no room for ugliness here).

  • Ran

    She sounds great! You fucktards need to try to listen to the music, instead of trying to hear yourself. Ugh. #humans

  • Kamaran Hamza Cola

    cant believe what im reading, , just leave the poor girl alone, she has a beautiful voice, great talent, sheesh! people are cutting necks at this very moment and you wanna give thee rights and wrongs of singing, subhaanAllah!