Bernie Sanders Learns Muslims Give Best Hugs

  • Munna

    Well, the girl can give the best answer to others by explaining to them that why there’s no equality that is existing in Islam? Why the girls/females have to suffer all the brunts of religion while the menfolk enjoys all the goodies of Islam like having four wives etc. Why so many restrictions on Muslim women while having so many privileges for the menfolk especially regarding treatment of women….!
    These and other so many questions will indeed go a long way in alleviating the misconceptions of Islam being a tyrant especially against females as far as rights are concerned. And also her answer will ensure that people would find her reasonable enough and be appreciative of her.

  • Jekyll

    Sanders; an ardent Zionisnt

  • El Cid

    “At a time when Muslims are being neglected […]
    This is nothing but political rhetoric. Muslims are not being neglected in the United States. Like everyone else Muslims need to organize and work harder rather than expect handouts and freebies…once they learn not to cut each other down and sell each other out.

    “She brought to attention that the rights of Muslims, too, need
    to be included in the conversation […]”

    The rights of all US citizens, including Muslims, are equally protected, solidly protected in the US Constitution. She needs to read it some times. She should be giving her full attention to getting educated; get educated first then become an activist.