ICYMI: There Should Be #NoAllMalePanels After This

  • Just Saying

    there is a salafi feminist? lol.
    so what does she think of 4:11?

  • Munna

    Hope the Muslim ladies would someday find strength to raise their voices against Saudi Arabian totally male bastion form of society also. They haven’t got their rights due to them despite living in the land where Islam originated and that’s the greatest insult to any female but do the Muslim women feel that way…I’ve doubts.

  • Aslam Azhar

    “It still baffles my mind how we have panels made up entirely of men talking about strictly women’s issues.”
    I can understand your sentiment but not your logic. There is no such thing as a “strictly women’s issues”. Men and women are complementary. One effects and affects the other. You can’t have one without the other. They should both be represented on such panels.

    “How is a man supposed to talk about periods when he’s never had one?”
    Poor logic. Your statement is not well throughout.