Etiquettes of Prayer

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  • Kalene S

    I couldn’t have found a better article on these exact key points, thank you soo much sister for this as it is veryyy important to understand all of this and offer salah without leaving any act open for possible invalidation! I never really thought about my nailpolish and timeliness, and how not paying mind to such easily and commonly overlooked, simple things could have so many sisters praying for years without the proper credit! Allahu A’lam…but InshaAllah we are all remembering to remove our eyeliner and polish before Wudu, like I JUST started doing (at least). I’ve always wanted to contribute words on a board about this because I think we all know exactly just how easy it is to lazily wash our feet in the shower for ghusl for example but maybe forget to be mindful of the used water in the tub that we’re still standing in. Remember to wash your feet at the end! : )

    Another quick question? I never find anything on this googling and what not, but I was always really used to blowing my hair out to straighten it, as I have thick curls…but it was brought to my attention that just maybe I shouldn’t be blowing it out unless I’m on my period and wouldn’t have to worry about offering proper wudu because of not wanting to wet my hair and mess it up for the requirement. I’ve heard that it may be “sometimes okay” to wipe your hands over your hijaab instead, but I’ve been very skeptical of using this to my advantage and have instead just refrained from straightening my hair : / Anyone on this same boat or have something to add for me?

    JazzakAllahu Khayr for this post again, Samia ! Asalaamualaykum everyone ^_____^

    • Amani

      Salam sis! Thanks so much for the sincere comment :) I too have heard that wiping your hands over your hijaab is sometimes okay, but those times are only in situations where for instance you are in public and unable to remove your hijab for wudu without someone seeing your hair, or in situations (I think) where it would be extremely difficult to remove your hijab. It’s been reported that the Prophet (SAW) would sometimes wet his hands with water and wipe the top of his turban because it took a long time to wrap it in the first place, and it would take too much time and be too much trouble to unwrap it and re-wrap multiple times a day for wudu. Allahu A’lam. However, in your own home I don’t think that should be a problem and getting your straightened hair wet (however frustrating for us girls haha!) isn’t enough of a reason to be able to do that.

      Maybe you can designate a time of day that you can straighten your hair so that you know you won’t get it wet, for instance if you make wudu and pray dhuhr, then straighten your hair, then try not to break your wudu before asr prayer, then by the time maghrib rolls around if you need to make wudu again it will already be nighttime. Or you can adjust this so that you straighten your hair earlier or later in the day for whenever you want it to be straightened. I hope this helps! Just my own personal thoughts haha.

      Wa alaikum asalam wa rahmat Allah!

      • Kalene S

        I figured as much about that point, I too heard that Muhammad (s.a.w.) used to wipe wet hands over his turban sometimes and that a girl is to do so with her hijaab only if there is no private place for wudu. I shall have to make the sacrifice & Allah knows best! (I guess I do also kind of like how we do have to be 100% natural and clear of all new world cosmetic commodities to stand before prayer, as much as us girls do like to use makeup, and paint our nails, and do our hair, etc..). I stand corrected that there really are no excuses when it comes to certain desires & plain articles of faith 😛

        Thank you very much for your response; it was reassuring and your personal thoughts were indeed helpful ^_____^

  • Sanam

    This is a fantastic article,thanks so much for the much needed info.It would be great to see more of these on the site,as they are so helpful 😀