Is Your Job Turning You White?

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  • Tess Beyer

    I have so many conflicting emotions reading this. Because I am white, I feel like I should not say that I found it confronting, without being insensitive to people of colours’ daily experiences, or to have someone lecture me about my privilege.

    But I am Muslim, and female, so I feel I have 2/3 things in common with the author! As a Muslim I know that Allah (swt) has based the superiority of an individual over others solely on taqwa i.e. piety, and not on race, creed or colour. (Qur’an Chapter 49, Ayat 13).

    All I would like to remind the author of is Chapter 49 again, Ayat 11: “O you who believe! Let not a group mock another group, it may be that the latter are better than the former; nor let (some) women mock at other women, it may be that the latter are better than the former, nor defame one another, nor insult one another by nicknames.”

    I support the author in her goals to make the world a fairer place for ALL women… of all colours

    • Shannon

      Your insightful comment is definitely appreciated and thank you for voicing (or typing?) your support in the endeavors of all different kinds of women.

    • Jekyll

      Yeah white ppl are the enemies for these idiot millennial ppl. They escape all their problems hiding behind white supremacy. This is utter racist; would not dare say this about anybody else.

      • Tess Beyer

        Sorry, don’t understand the intent of your comment. Who is hiding behind white supremacy?

        • Jekyll

          The scapegoating of labeling all of problems and issues on ‘white ppl’. It’s pathetic really.

          • Tess Beyer

            I think many ‘white people’ have earned it. But I don’t think it is constructive

          • Jekyll

            White guilt at times worse and more effective AGANIST minorities then white supremacy.

          • El Cid

            There are exception. There will always be exceptions. Exceptions make the rule, not define it.

            Muhammad was white. It did not matter to Allah. Should not matter to you.

        • El Cid

          “Who is hiding behind white supremacy?”
          It would seem you are up against a gang of racist bigots implying motives to you because of your race.

          They are the ones hiding behind their sense of inferiority. Let them grovel in their sickness. Let them not impugn you because of your color, race, ethnicity.

          Brush off their vile innuendo, implication of collective guilt. As a Muslim you should be above all this.

    • Just Saying

      so muslims are superior to non-muslims because of your piety.
      I think I just experienced my first ‘microaggression’.

      • Tess Beyer

        If you want to perceive yourself as a victim, I cannot change your interpretation. It was not my intent to judge anyone. I am not making a comment about who is superior- that is exactly the issue I have with this article in fact.

        • El Cid

          “I have so many conflicting emotions reading this[…]I am Muslim[…]Quran49:13 and 11.”
          Once you have declared yourself as a Muslim and appropriately quoted[49:13-11] your mind should be clear, you should have the inherent confidence of a Muslim.

          Here see what you have quoted:”
          [49.13 “O mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo! the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware.”

          Once you have believed, once a Muslim, there is NO further cause for confusion or conflict. Let not yourself be conflicted or intimidated by the malice, mischief directed at you.
          Allah knows your intent.

          Peace be with you.
          Take care.

        • Just Saying

          my microaggression comment was sarcasm. sorry, I thought that was obvious. there is no such thing as microaggression.
          I thought you were referencing Muhammad’s farewell speech? does he not clearly state that the pious are superior to the non-pious? are muslims who pray 5 times a day not more pious then non-muslims who don’t pray at all?

  • Anonymous

    Small correction: African American women typically make just 64 cents to the dollar that white men earn. Latinas, 54 cents to the dollar.

    • PAI

      Is that apples to applies, as in same job, same experience, same skills, same education? I don’t give a crap if white men work Mcjobs at a 64% clip compared to black women. Nobody decides to pay a black person less because they are black. No one cares that much, they are trying to run a damn business and pay people what they are worth, regardless of what they look like.

  • El Cid

    Your are overly sensitive. Don’t hand out guilt. All those things happen to white people too. In fact there is far more reverse discrimination against the white. But you will never know till you get that chip off your shoulder and that log out your eye.

  • Sam

    White Self is real.

  • Ayah Mahfouz

    “Your talking points no longer revolve around social injustices they revolve around tabloid topics and what kind of furniture your co-worker is buying to decorate her apartment in a freshly gentrified neighborhood.”

    So POC don’t ever enjoy gossip? And white people never discuss social injustice? And they’re all gentrifiers? How sickeningly reductionist. If these are the kind of whities you work with, you may want to reconsider your industry. But I suspect the only white people you’ve ever *really* observed were actually on sitcoms and you have therefore conflated race/class issues, but have far too much youthful enthusiasm to correct your understanding just now.