#BoycottStarWarsVII is Really a Thing…

star wars
  • LeAnn Alexa

    Thank you for this article as I had no idea that Boycott Star WarsVII was even a thing! I’ve heard of many people being unhappy the lead was a black male, but I would never think that this day and age there would be an actual protest for that reason. It’s sad to still hear that many people still think of that the only people that can entertain them are white males. The world is full of good performers and actors that come in all colors and genders. I also agree with your statement that this is fantasy! People complaining about diverse characters must be delusional cause this whole film is based of things that aren’t even real! The fact someone can say there would be no black people in the Star Wars universe is absolutely ridiculous. I also agree that having a black male and a women is not enough to satisfy the public. There should be more diversity in Hollywood movies just based on real life statistics. Thanks for writing this article again! I’ll be sure to come back!