My Hijab is for You, Too

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  • Megan

    beautifully written! so wonderful and inspiring. =)

  • Maha

    Masha Allah, this is a beautiful post, Samia. I espeically love the last part – its so inspirational, motivating, and shows the world that we too women, could have the strength and the confidence to bring about a better change to this world.

    Wonderful article once again! =)

  • faee

    Assalam alaykum!
    sista samia m very impressed with your words, they are moving, inspirational and most importantly truthful.very well said. we need loads of sista samias around here.JazakhAllahu Khairan!

  • http://www.closetsuperhero.wordpress.com closetsuperhero

    I love this article. There is so much that inspires me about what Samia has written. There is beauty in that fact that she wears hijab not only to please God but also in solidarity with sister who suffer from the pressures that come with our modern culture that exploits us women and so deeply damages our self esteem. I am inspired and joyful.
    Thank you, Samia.
    Blessings to you.

  • http://samikismet.livejournal.com Samia

    Thank you for your kind words, sisters. May Allah (SWT) reward you for your intentions and give us all knowledge and the ability to do the right thing (Ameen).

  • Asmaa_amat-allah

    …along with the beauty of the main reason for wearing hijab, this is a secondary great one too, that’s never spoken about =)) =)
    u left me speechless sister !!!!
    perfetly said n nicely put…..
    the exact same thing i’ve been wanting to say but had no idea how to express it…… ^_^’

  • http://muslimasinus.webs.com/ muslimahinus

    true dat

  • Eilaf F

    U Rock, sister. Flower power!

  • layla88

    MASHALLAH, beautifully written sister! I used to be a victim of such crazed + distorted media perception of women as just a physical ‘pretty thing’ and so are a lot of girls today- and it truly kills your confidence and true inner beauty! But Islam has enlightened me to a far deeper level alhamdulillah, and I think every woman deserves to understand their own self worth. The hijab is a great way to do this and I hope those curious eyes on the streets eventually learn to understand the meaning and reason behind hijab inshaAllah. :)

  • layla88

    P.S- and whoever thinks Muslim women are oppressed or don’t have a voice should read your post!

  • safiya

    Jazakallah for this inspirational article

  • EllahAlaa


  • khalood

    Your words made my day

  • Dee Redacovic

    This was really inspiring, although i was born into a Muslim family, i was never really taught why we do what we do such wearing the hijab or fasting. Now that I’m going to college in the fall, i want to wear the hijab and want to become closer to my religion. I’m a little scared but I’m fortunate enough to have my older sister, brother, and mom supporting me. I’ve been mentally preparing myself for quite a while now plus in the end of the day god’s opinion of me is much important than any human.

  • Annt

    i am muslim and spanish and i have a lot of muslim frendis that wear hijab

  • Linny

    Your post was beautiful, but I take issue with you saying that you wear a hijab “for safety reasons”. I don´t think that wearing a hijab makes you less prone to sexual assault. It seems like you´re implying that women get assaulted only because of the way they dress and that´s not true. God bless.

    • Lauren F

      yes, i agree. men could sexually assault any woman, regardless of dress because they know there is a woman’s body underneath, but women who dress modestly are LESS LIKELY to be assaulted, is all i think she is trying to say :) thanks for visiting this site!

  • thinkaboutit

    And why shouldn’t men wear a hijab as well, so that we are all not judged for our outward appearance? Also, I’m not sure that women’s hair is what keeps people from seeing their inner character…I would personally pick some other body parts…

  • Sky

    I am a non Muslim fifteen year old girl and I was just wondering if you could answer some of my questions.I’m not interested in conversion or anything like that but I’m just curious about Islam because there are a lot of Muslims in my area and I was just wondering why/what they believe what they do. If it wouldn’t be a bother could you please answer the following questions.

    1. Do Muslims belive that Muhmmand is the greatest prophet or just the last one?
    2. Why do muslims think he’s a prophet/ what is the need for the quran?
    3. Is it true about the quran telling muslims to kill non believers
    4. why do muslims not think that Jesus is God?
    6. If you converted what made you convert/choose Islam

    Thank you so much. And I don’t mean to sound snarky or in polite (I know sometimes comments can come across that way) I’m just very curious about your relgion.

    Thanks again and may Allah bless you

    • sky

      oh sorry one more. What is the greatest thing about your faith and do you have a relationship with Allah like how evegenical christians claim to have with God

    • Claudia

      Hi i think the problem about how non muslims missunderstand Islam is because they don t take the chance to talk to muslims. I am not muslim yet but as I Have read a lot i think i can give you some answers.
      1 muslims believe in all of the prophets christians do, plus mohamed who gave the last revelations, there wont be more prophets.
      2 why do they believe in mohamed and quran is a matter of faith. The existence of Mohamed is historical, its a fact. And quran is the message he gave from God according to Islam.
      3. Your question number 3. Its a common lie said by the media. The quran say whoever kills an inocent man will be punished as he had killed the complete humanity. The pophet himself had christians and jew friends. Christians and jews in ISlam «people of the book» because they respect the bible for being also from God. You dont believe me… read the quran. The called Saint war refers to the obbligation a muslim has to defend their family and religion but there is a condition the media wont tell you. It must be deffensive. Never offensive. The terrorist youve heard about are crazy evil people not real muslims. Do you remember how christians used tu burn people alive its the same. Bad people who use religion as an excuse though they are acting against it.
      4. Sorry to tell you this but if you read the bible you will see jesus never said he was GOd. Actually for many centuries christians didnt believe in him as a god. Until a cruel roman emperor (now considered for catholics as a saint) declared that whoever said christ want a god would be killed or deported. This is not religion, this is history.
      I am not a muslim yet but am thinking about it because it matches a lot of thinks that i knew before and many things that i believed.