Invisible Women of the Resistance

palestinian woman
  • Just Saying

    don’t worry, these little girls will take up the fight.

    • Asham

      Don,t worry Israeli children will also send their love soon muahhh… I am getting tired of this nonsense. But as they say you sow what you reap. Lets see what Israels next generation harvest would be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mO8CWSam2o

      • Just Saying

        they will send their love to whom?
        what nonsense?
        you will know them by their fruits.
        so why didn’t the Palestinians take resolution 1881 in the 40s?

  • Just Saying

    did you see the video of the woman pull a knife from her purse to stab the jew?
    I think your cartoon is an inspiration to some?

  • Genevieve

    It’s important for women to join the opposition movement and struggle against a crushing occupation. However…shouldn’t they try to tackle this ongoing conflict with a different approach than their male counterparts have chosen for the last 68 years? Inspire another way of dealing with grief, intimidation and brutal repression? I’m not saying that the men didn’t try it before…but sometimes, a different leadership can help change perceptions. Anyway, are you sure Muslimgirl should promote the idea of women using knifes and cocktail Molotov as legitimate means of protest? If not, I suggest that you change this article’s picture.

  • Rachamim Slonim Dwek

    Meanwhile, 6-year old girls marrying elderly men, Honour Killings, chaining retarded kids and Sex Slavery is still alive and well amongst Palestinians. Keep spinning fantasies about women at Ramallah DCO though, that is much more important. If you gave a crap about any Palestinians you would be posting about them starving to death by the hundreds, or being walled in by the Lebanese who by the way ban them by law from 28 occupations- used to be 81 but of course you are too busy cheering baby killers.