Why the Phrase ‘I Hope You Have a Baby Boy!’ Needs to Go

  • Cindy

    This permeates all areas of the world. My grandmother left inheritance for my brother, and nothing for my sister and I. The money was for university; she did not see that as important to the girl-children.

    • Cindy

      @Cindy. Me too. Anglo-saxon Canadian. Brother, money for university, sister and I nothing, from my father’s mum. My name is Cindy to btw:)

  • Munna

    There’s some positive thinking expressed in the article. More such articles needs to be written here to have an impact on Muslim society in general. And also, I might add that if any couple didn’t have their childs of their own, it should also be encouraged to have adoption of child not based on gender but for the sheer love of a children. Gender discrimination is always bad for the society.

  • Shuukla Ranii

    The writer seems to have had a sad time growing up. Projecting too much.

    • shifa

      Thanks for your views. I had a marvellous childhood and simply do not want ‘uncles’ or anyone to be able to make sexist comments on a personal aspect of my life. If that’s projecting.. then oh well.

  • Just Saying
  • shifa

    Thanks for sharing my work! Would love a heads up next time so I can share it more widely! :)

  • Asim Luqman

    You should had questioned that uncle back “what if it’s a girl?” The whole gender issue would had prolly resolved right there as I am pretty sure he wouldn’t care if its a boy or girl since the whole point was to have a baby. Oh boy! a minor counter question would had saved the time invested on writing this forum.