This Muslim Polygamy Site Wants To Hook You Up With Your Second Wife

  • Ph Oenix

    You’re amazing. Your sense of humour and sarcasm is priceless. Great read!

  • Esha Karim

    I believe this website is a troll one. As you can evidently see that it is not operated by a Muslim, at least by name.

  • Omar Shakir

    Adding the word ‘polygamy’ there does catch the attention and perhaps earn the ire of unagreeing Muslims and non-Muslims to the concept of polygamy (more specifically polygyny or even polyandry for that matter). But from the days when a person had to pay for an ad in the local paper to find a match and now to the advent of e-harmony and Muslim marriage/rishtay sites.. it’s common place and I don’t see an issue with it personally. And if others do that’s fine I guess. But just calling for consistency in hating any website that profits off of any matchmaking. I assume you are, Shannon.

  • Emma

    Islam clearly says that if you can’t care perfectly for one wife, you should never ever ever have another. This is simply…. ridiculous. Thanks for the article sister.

  • Concerned_Canadianne

    What kind of woman would be okay with her husband having another wife … or two … or three?

    Serious question.

    There’s no way to be your husband’s equal, or even close, in any of these scenarios, as far as I can fathom. Must be strictly for the desperate, as the article implies.

    Sad, in a way.

  • ismail


  • JohnnyD

    I suppose you prefer Ashley Maddison