Why Don’t South Asians Talk Mental Health?

  • Yazzer Fly

    This is so heartbreaking and hits so close to home even though I’m Arab. I was recently diagnosed with PTSD. Even though I’m happily married and independent alhamdulilah, I can’t bring myself to tell my family members because of “shame”. Mental illness keeps me distant from my family and I wish I could tell them with out consequence because there is a lot of recent studies of how PTSD and other mental illnesses are found to be genetic or even a birth effect.

  • Munna

    Somehow the article failed to notice the point that most of the mental health condition are also due to genetic or poor health condition of the pregnant mother at the time of pregnancy. Most of the South Asian women lack the physical requirements that are needed to produce good healthy child. Lack of nutrition, use of untreated surgical procedures during delivery and also poor living unhygienic condition mostly contribute to the reason for the children stunted growth.
    To blame the ills of the society can be a point upto a certain level when the depressing conditions leads to nervous breakdown of the person concerned. However, the basic requirement is to have a healthy body. Being in good health will ensure that you can face even the toughest of situation and oppressive condition but the primary thing is that women in south-asia have really gotta go, a long way before they are ensured the best of conditions regarding life and nutrition in every aspect.

  • Jahnvi Singh

    This is so true. It doesn’t apply for each and every one in the south Asian countries but yeah majority of it does.
    I was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety disorder. My parents have met the psychiatrist and know my problem but still ignore it saying that I am young, confused and introvert.