To Eat the Flesh of His Dead Brother

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  • http://ummatanwasatan.blogspot.com bintmokhtar

    alhamdulillah. thanks for sharing this. truly appreciate it, jazaakillah khair. :)

    • MARYAM

      Thank you for the article it’s great, we all need to be reminded of how dangerous our tounge is and how we need to be careful with what comes out of our mouths.

  • http://islam-2-all.zoomshare.com bubblez

    thanks so much
    thinking back when i was in school it was tempting to gossip stuff with my friends
    i have to admit i dont live in a very good community
    but allhamdo lilah i am now home schooled and dont recall gossiping or backbiting ever since i left school
    but i am not blaming my sins on other people
    may allah(swt) forgive us all

  • mwyatt

    As a younger woman, my sin of gossip was sharing something that was not mine to share: she is not doing well in this class, or he is going to ask her to marry him…good or bad, I needed to learn to “mind my own business,” as my mom used to say. I am glad to see young people thinking of these things. I like your site very much.

  • AshaM

    Gossing and telling rumors haram and it is a thing that almost all people do in life but if someone says something your not supposed to talk behind their back either becasue then your doing a haram thing also so learn to forgive and forget