UN to Raise Palestinian Flag at New York Headquarters For First Time

pali flag
  • Donald Draper

    Firstly, Palestine is a wholly Arab created problem, completely and utterly down to the continued failure of Arabs in every field.
    Secondly, Saudis aligned themselves with the Brits to kick the Ottomans out, The Brits took over Palestine Mandate, French took Lebanon, parts of Syria. Saudis kicked out Hashemites from Arabia proper, they went running to Brits and were given Jordan & Iraq instead.

    You really think that these nations (European) will help create what they ensured would not happen. The US had very little to do with the reshaping of the Middle east and creation of Israel, it was Europe who shaped it, so stating that Europeans have been following US policy is utterly false.

    Israel declared independence, Arabs invaded, lost magnificently, Israel became twice as large. Also don’t forget the Jordanian agreement in the UN in 1948, when Jerusalem was given to them, they promised to let Jewish worshippers entry but then reneged the very next day. No Jew entered those sites until post 6 day war. So Palestinians are now reaping what their Arab brethren seow.

    Israel has been disproportionate, yes, Palestinians have suffered tremendously, yes. But it is 95% self (Arab) inflicted.