Islamophobia Will Never Be the New Black

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the author is ignoring that Ahmed is black: “But his teacher already viewed him as a “threat” because he was a black Muslim kid”.

    Also, I don’t think every article discussing discrimination needs to explain that they are not ignoring all other sub-minorities. One could easily argue that your article has drowned out the voices of non-cis-gender, non-straight or non-monogamous Muslims, who all suffer from discrimination. For example, you mention giggling about future husbands. What about all the Muslim women who do not seek men for a romantic relationship? You could have easily just said “about future spouses”.

    Furthermore, you only seem to care about black Muslims in particular – what about all other races and backgrounds? Just as the Desi author does not explicitly mention black muslims, you ignore all the, for example, east Asian muslims, or white Muslims.

    • Sanah Kabir

      This is the problem. She’s not trying to silence other intersections of the Muslim community, but is responding directly to the article title ‘Islamophobia is the New Black’ andusing it as a starting point to discuss all related attitudes towards the Black Muslim community. She is a Black Muslim, so of course her stories and writing will surround her own individual experiences. What we need is space for everyone to talk about their own truths – lesbian Muslims or east Asian Muslims will, in an ideal world, feel able to talk about their own unique experiences rather than being parenthetical in another article (though of course they shouldn’t be forgotten altogether!) If we worked on helping all these different communities feel comfortable coming forward to share their experiences, I think that’d be more helpful than calling out someone brave enough to call something else out.

  • saacnmama

    This is not what I expected from the title. It is much better.
    My only issue with it is surprise that the author, as a Somali, considers herself black. I had a couple dozen Somali friends at one point, and they insisted that Somalis are Arabs, not black. But of course the broader society considered them black.

  • Amina

    Brilliantly written article. Allah bless you sister. I am Pakistani and I agree with you 100% ❤️

  • Moshe

    The majority of my Somali family don’t consider themselves to black (or Arab). Furthermore, some of Sudanese people I know also don’t consider themself ‘black’. Does the author know for a fact that Ahmed was targeted for being black or being Muslim – provide evidence.