Coping with your Period During Ramadan

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  • Kanika_HabibiHalaqas

    Jazzak Allah khair for putting up my article !

    I’d like to hear more ideas from you all … lets see what you got :)


  • Kenza

    You said to recite some surah-s of the Quran during this period.As far as I know,a woman during her period is not permitted to read,recite or even touch the Holy Quran. So am I wrong???

  • selmoumi

    You can hold the Quran as long as its in English. I’ve been told that by many an Imam and Shiekh. If its in Arabic then you cannot touch it.

    • layla88

      Salaamwailaikum sister, Ramadan al Kareem!
      I never knew about this!! I have a Qur’an with arabic and english translation together. Does that count also? Just wanted to make sure as I am a revert and have many things unsure! Thankyou in advance! Salaam.

  • selmoumi

    Salam!!! Ramadan Mubarak to u too!!! 😀 As far as i know if it is with arabic then no you can’t use it while on ur period, but if its transliteration its fine :) My favorite Quran thats all in english is English Translation of the Meaning of Al-Quran The guidance for Mankind By: Muhammad Farooq-i-Azam Malik

    Salam hope your Ramadan is a blessed one 😀

  • Ifra

    Yes its true that some women think its virtuous to fast even on their menses and my family is one of them. I havent ever asked my mother why we fast even on menses because I thought if they (mother and sister) are fasting then there should be a good reason. Is it right? What am I to do?!

    • Amani

      Maybe you should sit down and talk to her — explain that women on menses should not fast, and it is virtuous to respect and abide by that pardon that God has blessed us with.