Did 9/11 Change Your Life, Too?

  • Munna

    Well, it does change a lot about Islam as a religion. Earlier, it was religion of peace but it changed it into Religion of anything but peace.

    • Sunny

      I would have to disagree, a few actions of violent people does not paint an entire faith. Also, the text hasn’t changed, the rules hasn’t changed, so how has the religion changed from peace to none. There is no such thing as a religion being violent or bigotry, but their is such thing as a human being violent or a bigot.

      • Munna

        Quite an apologetic stance. If some people are using Islam for their devilry than there’s need to make necessary amendment to the religious prescriptions and code. But, merely terming it as an act of some individuals is like putting down your head in the sand like an ostrich, instead of confronting any problems with the situation. No doubt many of the things in Islam are from the 6-7th century and belongs to that period of society and their norms. These are invalid in present times. Instead of looking at the root cause of these junk aspects of Islam, finding fault individually is the only option left for hopeless people, it’s quite unfortunate.