A Back to School Favorite: The Side Swept Hijab

  • Munna

    Why they talk about various Hijab outfits for the school student..? School should be the place for wearing school-dress not for some fashion outfit pertaining to faith of some students. However, if the school or the educational institution is religious one then it can be permitted though with prescribed dresses only.

    • Sunny

      Not all schools have a dress uniform, and if they do it is easy to accommodate it to one’s religious modesty. Mainly, in America, you are allowed to practice your religion wether it be a “religious school” or not, that is the beauty of America.

      • Munna

        If you’re allowed to wear whatever dress code prescribed your religion, ethnicity and other codes than it’s ok. But, overall I’m favor of prescribed dresses only in educational and working place institutions. You need to have discipline or else, nobody might know what does discipline means.