His Name Was Aylan: The Stories Behind the Photos

  • Citizen318

    Mashallah, you have a great talent. You have put into words, that for which there are no words, only tears.

    • Jenan Matari

      Thank you for your kind words! Inshallah one day we will no longer have to write about things like this.

  • Just Saying

    it is funny how the ‘religion of peace’ has so much war in it.
    looks like the kurds can’t catch a break. I see the turks are now bombing the kurds.


    • Malak Kitty Rose

      Its funny how USA started this war and armed Israel who creates this war and why we have this crisis now. Wanna know who is responsible its the one with the least victims. Last time I checked middle east 4 million dead could be more, USA, UK, Israel how many do you think is dead.

      • Just Saying

        you are going to have to be more specific on what war you are talking about? there are lots of wars and lots of crisis. if you are talking about Syria? it is a civil war started by Syrians. the Syrians wanted to overthrow the assad regime.

        “Wanna know who is responsible its the one with the least victims” – what in the world kind of theory is that? so the germans and the Japanese weren’t responsible in starting ww2 because they had more causalities than the US? strange theory to say the least.

        • Malak Kitty Rose

          Every war I am talking about USA has had its foot in. Why are you talking about WW2 they are not creating war now USA is as its profitable for them to do so all to get resources. They armed Israel who created the Syrian crisis. USA also armed the rebels in Syria and ISIS too so they put their own puppet in charge of Syria like they have everywhere else. You might want to research how wars USA are involved in its a lot. USA dropped a nuclear bomb on Japan killing thousands of innocent people in the process. The most causalities are in the Middles east and you need to do your research first before claiming such things. FYI the Syrians do not want to overthrow Assad USA do to get to Iran and Annoy Russia and why they armed and created ISIS for as UK refused to ground attack Syria with USA. Check out Snowden, Assange, Manning etc these are the ones that tell the truth about the USA government. WW2 was part of the claim of Israel for the Zionists. I can’t be arsed to go through the whole thing with you got the name research and find out.

          • Just Saying

            I’m talking about ww2 because you said whoever has the least dead started the war. this theory is proven false by the example of ww2. or one could say that there are no dead Brazilians because of the civil war in Syria, they must have started it. this is silly.
            how did Israel create the Syrian crisis?
            assad has never been our puppet. nor was his father.
            you want me to name American wars off the top of my head? ok.
            -revolutionary-1812-more indian wars then I can remember-Mexican-civil-Spanish-1st ww-2nd ww-korea-vietnam-bay of pigs-dirty war in argentina-contras-grenada-panama-first gulf war-second-gulf war-Afghanistan
            yes we dropped fat boy and little man on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, maybe not in that order.
            so what does any of this have to do with islam and it’s many wars through its history?
            well if the Syrians didn’t want to overthrow assad, why are so many fighting the regime?

    • ChangeBox

      It makes little sense to blame the religion. Most, if not all, religions claim to be a ‘religion of peace’. There are great people who preach and practice peace and are followers of [insert religion here]. There are also terrible people who preach and practice hate and are followers of [insert religion here].

      It is tempting and easy to use a label on a group of people and then assign a quality to all of them, unfortunately it is never true. People are far more complex and interesting than any label can ascribe.

  • Hazim

    I almost cried when reading this post. It is sad to know about it…

  • DelSil

    All I know is that I still feel sadness about this little boy and have had even a tough time sleeping at night. Having a 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son, I guess it hit me a little harder. I wish people would just see everyone as other people trying to make their lives better. I think about my great-grandparents that got on a boat in Sicily in 1904, left everything to make it to the US, because they wanted a better life for their family. Sicily wasn’t such a great place to live then. How do we know that little Aylan, his brother and the other children that have died would not have been great scientists, engineers, business people, etc. We should all think about who Aylan was…just a 3 year old wanting to live life