Trade in the Islamic Empire

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  • Damrémont

    You forgot the extensive and lengthy trade in European slaves. European slaves, particularly the women were highly prized because of their fairness and their blue and green eyes and the variety of hair colours. Banu al-afsar (children of the yellow, referring to blond hair) were used as an enticement to muslim men to wage Jihad on the west wherein they could acquire and rape western captives. Some of course waged Jihad on the west to spread Islam but many were Not so high minded. Even today Muslim men in the west are responsible for an epidemic of rape in Europe because they want to possess a fair blue eyed woman and rape is the only way they can acquire these women. Also ISIS fighters prize and trade. Yazidi women as slaves because of the presence of blue eyes and blond hair. Unfortunately for Yazidi women they might have difficulty aborting a muslim bred fetus whereas European women can get rid of a rape fetus.