The Struggles of Modesty in the Summer Heat

  • R

    Thanks for the beautiful reminder sister :) <3

  • Munna

    Seems love for Allah is all that matters to some people. They aren’t made to love the life ever.

    • Amada

      Loving life is loving Allah!

      • Munna

        Allah is not life and life is not Allah…someday you might understand or else keep believing in your fancy hallucination.

  • وفاء

    Nice reminder !

  • Birdie

    Hi. It’s not only muslim women with hijab who dress modestly. What I would wear to Church is globally considered modest. Yet according to Islam, it’s not. It could actually get me into hell. I think hijab is hijab. No modesty intended. Since you can wear an abaya without the headdress and it would still be modest yet unacceptable garb in Islam. There is one intention in hijab only, to help men not get enticed upon viewing a woman. Modesty can be maintained without the male invented hijab. Having said that, it’s your decision to choose your own values. Wear what you want.

  • Tahmina Hassan

    This was my article =) I’m glad to hear everyone’s feedback and criticism! its always good to get a discussion going.

  • maryam lawal

    He made men with dicks, so why would He suck them?