White People Finally Columbus Themselves

Image via FunnyorDie
  • mike

    lol. absolutely hilarious. I always love it when muslims totally ignore 9/11. it is always either ‘prior to 9/11’ or ‘since 9/11’.
    of course most terrorist actions are carried out by white people in America, most americans are white.

    perhaps you are new to America, but people have been discussing the confederate battle flag since the 50s. “why are we only now considering it a problem”, clearly you think that just because you haven’t heard the conversation, it must not have taken place. you are a silly girl.
    in America we don’t ban flags. the germans do that, not us.

  • balafama

    another woe is me muslim ,hypersalivating and masturbating that she’s got one up on whites .cant u see ur own hypocrisy. u claim to want understanding and peaceful coexistence for muslims but sound so joyful about whites been involved in terrorism ,u denigrate chris columbus discovery ?why .u just sound really jealous of the white mans achievements sorry.