Ramadan is Not a Poverty Simulation Game

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    Very well written and well said.
    – Krys

  • MKA

    Fantastically well written and well put. Thank you and I hope it disseminates widely.

  • Romi Elnagar

    If Ramadan helps a few wealthy people to understand a little of what poverty is like, I won’t object. To be sure, Ramadan is about cleansing ourselves, which is why the poor fast, but if fortunate people have become insensitive or even arrogant (forgetting that it is God who gave them their good fortune), then part of coming closer to God is being humbled. It surely brings the fortunate nearer to God not only to be reminded how dependent we are ALL on His mercy, but also to be reminded that there cannot be true religion without social justice.

  • Mamun H Ali

    I think Romi hit the nail on the head to a certain extent. I have spent my last couple of Ramadhan volunteering for a certain charity and my general take on this article is that it’s not only about ourselves. There are many Ahadith showing the generosity of our prophet Mohammad SAW especially during the month of Ramadhan. I do think the culture of making people feel guilty and having empathy for the poor stems from the fact that Muslims are suffering all over and as we know from Ahadith the Ummah is becoming weaker and disunited so tactics are used in order to do more for those suffering. what I’m trying to say is Allah Azza Wajaal made us intelligent enough to be able to not only think of ourselves especially during this sacred month. Allah knows best.