#UnitedforTahera: Islamophobia Reaches New Heights

Boeing 777-222ER - United Airlines (N794UA)
  • Sam

    An unopened can? As a weapon?

    • mike

      of course. they won’t give you unopened water bottles or cans at sports stadiums. this is pretty standard. I’ve never been given an unopened can on a flight.

      • Soraya Sahabodien Noor

        So why did the other man get an unopened beer? Or doesnt a beer can hurt??

        • mike

          I don’t know. I would imagine that was a mistake. he shouldn’t have gotten an unopened beer. either the stewardess messed up, or he didn’t and the woman is making that up?

  • mike

    let me throw an unopened soda can at your head. let’s see how that feels. in fact I think by definition it is considered a ‘deadly missile’.