We Made Kendall Jenner’s “Dress Over Pants” Outfit Cool

kendall jenner
  • Raina [ रैना पूनम ]
  • sallycharm

    Totally agree. I wear dresses and jeans together like everyday and people think it’s stupid and weird at my school, but now it’s okay?

  • nana

    I see the similarities (ive looked up what a shalwar kameez is), but I believe the Vietnamese “ao dai” can be considered more similar. Just an opinion.

  • http://zeb20.tumblr.com/ Zeb 2.0

    Come on, people! You want to say “we” and call that a shalwar?! That’s not a shalwar, people! It’s a pyjama, if anything. So Kurta Pyjama would have been the right equivalent. Or the “ao dai”, as someone mentioned.

  • Amina

    are you serious? It is chic because it is all white! The most petty article ever. Stop trying to make EVERYTHING about muslim girls.

    • Sageda

      Muslim Girls Know Their Fashion :) Sweetheart.

      • Amina

        LOL, you are seriously grouping all muslim girls together? SMH
        The author is making something out of nothing . Western style is different from eastern style. Also, did she acknowledge that other cultures where a tunic and pant combo. You guys sound so petty on this site. Why dont you get a real life in the real world.

        • Jameelah

          Sister amina, if u think d author n d blog is so petty then pls jus don’t read dis blog!

          • Amina

            I did not know it was going to be petty. I can read things I dislike. That is like telling people who don’t support Donald Trump not to listen to his speeches.

  • Zyhkrck

    It is true that her outfit is similar to salwar kameez, however it is more like a dress with leggings and even then I would not wear the dress as it has a huge slit. I always wear dresses and leggings or dresses and jeans to school and it is seen as normal and ‘cute’ or ‘cool’.