No Photographer Can Capture What It’s Like “Behind the Veil”

  • Munna

    It’s not the veil, it’s the intention behind it that should be the interest. Woman wearing a veil is supposed to know the reason behind its wearing but often as is the case, they can’t make any good enough reason out of it. Don’t know why religion is such a justified thing that, keeping partially blind is termed as fair enough.

    • mike

      munna, you alright. haven’t seen you around the water cooler lately.

      • Munna

        Well, constant banning of my account has taken its toll, therefore been left with few websites to express my thoughts. However, I’m not complaining, I should feel satisfaction on whatever opportunity being provided.

  • heidi

    If you could recommend photos or articles that give better idea, we would appreciate it. – from women around the world who don’t wear the veil, but seek understanding of fellow women and their lives