The Muslim Community is Failing Our Rohingya Brothers and Sisters

Image from Chaiangritimes.com
  • Mahrukh

    Deeply tragic…. please wake up, everyone.

    • Hira Uddin

      Thanks for reading and sharing your sentiment, Mahrukh.

  • Lia ‘Nonon’ Kamellia

    Salaam from Indonesia. Thank you so much for writing this piece. This is really heartbreaking indeed, news about the Rohingya refugees have been all over the news here in Indonesia. I believe what we have been doing for them is still very far from enough, the people have been doing the best they can, local people charity organizations have been distributing donations to refugee camps. Currently there are around 12,000 Rohingya and Bangladeshis refugees in Indonesia, they’re in camps at Medan North Sumatra and Aceh. Last week, government of Indonesia and Malaysia have agreed to offer migrants shelter provided they are resettled between a year. I hope they could get more help in the near future, and finally a recognition they deserve and a land they belong to. A little story from UNHCR blog: http://www.unhcr.org/5559efb36.html

    • Hira Uddin

      Wsalaam Lia! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the link to the UNCHR blog. I also pray they have a peaceful home and that God eases the suffering of the Rohingya, along with all innocent people around the globe. Ameen.

  • ZKhan

    Shame on Saudi arabia, Turkey and Iran.They are Spending billion of dollars on wars and Control Trillion dollar of business..but when it Comes to Helping innocent Muslims in Syria, Palestinian and Myanmar no words and no money..