Oh Sister, Wherefore Art Thou?

  • Mahrukh

    Thank you so much sister for sharing this. I’m sorry about the double standards our ummah has. I’m a hijabi sister but I stand in solidarity with non-hijabi sisters. After all, who am I to judge when I am stitched with flaws myself, and when Allah is the most-just, the most-merciful and his wisdom knows no bounds?

  • Azmi Hoffmann

    Just listen to Nouman Ali Khan lecture about this, he says pretty much say the things that you point out. In fact, this issue happen to all muslim, men and women.

    anyway, consider this comment as a hello and a hug from an Indonesian sister across the globe :)

  • Azra

    This is definitely something I have experienced as a convert even now as I am rounding up on my fourth anniversary, I still run into those that don’t say Salaam back or just give a hard look every once in a while.
    Being in East Texas doesn’t make it any easier to fit in with either group lol
    I like to keep in mind that this is just a hardship that will pass and hold it against no one.
    Big big hugs to you from a sister down south. <3

  • Fida Islaih

    Thank you for sharing your story! Here is a hug from me to you. You’re in my prayers.