The Dangerous Journey of Crossing the Mediterranean

Italian navy rescue asylum seekers
  • sockpuppet36

    did the Saudis just deport like 700,000 or maybe even a million foreign workers. and I think most of them were there legally. no mention of the muslims on the one boat who threw the non-muslims overboard?

  • Munna

    Migration of people from one country to another is always vexed with problems galore. Not only it can disturb the economic life of the host country but can create widespread resentment among the local populace if it exceeds the absorbing capacities of that place. It is to be noted that humans are a complex creatures which brings along with them their own ways of thinking, religion, idealism and views about their way of life hence, just for the sake of human rights giving them unfettered access to other places which have different society is bringing trouble at the shores.
    It’s time that more forthright action should be undertaken so as to stop the migration and should be permitted as per the absorbing capacity of the host country. UN must ensure that excess migrants must be deported at the earliest to their native lands and if proper conditions are not there in that place then UN deployment will be ensured with or without the consent of the troubled country. I again stress the consent “With or without” clause as there are failed states and you have to acknowledge that, not shoo that topic under some carpet of niceties/formalities.