How To Get “On Fleek” Eyebrows + Video

  • maryam lawal

    plucking, tweezing, and waxing your eyebrows is haram :/

    • Sonja Smith

      Yeah. No doubt. In Islam the uglier and more useless a woman is, the better.

  • Nargis Bhalloo

    Who said that in Islam to beautify is allowed so long as it is not intended for wrong use

  • amatullah

    In islam its HARAAM to do ur eyebrows sisters!

  • Aicha Lasfar

    I’m not in the “plucking eyebrows is haraam” school of thought, but I honestly can’t wait for the “on fleek” trend to die out. No one….NO ONE has 90 degree angles on their eyebrows. It just looks over done and unnatural to me. Use an eyebrow brush to blend the lines so it looks more natural and not so sharp!

  • S H

    “Allaah has cursed the woman who does tattoos and the one who has them done, the woman who plucks eyebrows (al-naamisah) and the one who has it done (al-mutanammisah), and the one who files her teeth for the purpose of beauty, altering the creation of Allaah.”

    (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 5931; Muslim, 2125