“My Family is Global”

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  • http://thepoetrykorner.blogspot.com/ fifi

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  • http://afterhardshipwillalwayscomeease.wordpress.com/ hal786

    Lol this sound so similar to my family haha

    I have my family, many relatives and cousins and aunt and uncles here in ENGLAND

    Some of my grandparents arent alive but one is in Kashmir. I have other relatives, aunts,uncles,cousins in KASHMIR.

    I have some relatives in PAKISTAN, like an aunt who studies there.

    I have some relatives in SOCTLAND.

    I have like aunts and an uncle and their parents in CANADA.

    And one uncle might go AMERICA to study too.

    Lol, so I’m very diverse haha.

    And oh yeah some of my relatives married people of different colours and races and stuff lol so we are EXTREMELY DIVERSE AND COLOURFUL HAHA as one bug family mashallah =)

    • http://thepoetrykorner.blogspot.com/ fifi

      Thats really awesome! You should make that into a poem like i did! If you want that is.

      • http://afterhardshipwillalwayscomeease.wordpress.com/ hal786

        aww lol thanks yeah i should actually haha..Inshallah when I get a chance one day!
        Yours is true though right?
        I might also make a poem or you could too like adding all the continents and the major counties lol and saying a have a relative from there and a cousin from there etc… and at the end say something like:
        ’cause we are all children of adam a.s. so we’re all like brothers and sisters to eachother and if you think about it we’re all related in some way! haha.

        • http://thepoetrykorner.blogspot.com/ fifi

          Maybe i should, thanks for the idea!

        • http://afterhardshipwillalwayscomeease.wordpress.com/ hal786

          no problem sister :)

  • http://muslimasinus.webs.com/ muslimahinus

    Most of my family on my moms side live is in Kansas or Wisconsin. and my dads mom lives in France and every one else on his side live in Algeria

    • http://thepoetrykorner.blogspot.com/ fifi

      So you get a taste of diffrent cultures…cool!

  • Armeen

    i wanna ask 1 Q…where do i post my Po’em? actually, i’ve written a po’em and want 2 post it…Can any1 help me out plz…..
    Jazak Allah Khair.Wassalam

    • Amani

      Wa alaikum asalam :)
      If you’d like to submit your poem to Flashy Friday you can go here:

      • Armeen

        Jazak Allah Khair Amani. Dt wz really kind of u.

  • http://thepoetrykorner.blogspot.com/ fifi

    Loved this poem…I just wrote a second part of “My Family is Global” Check it out on my blog The Poetry Korner.


    I hope you enjoy reading and comment!