Lindsay Lohan Just Instagrammed an Embarrassing (Non-Muslim) #WhiteGirlProblem

  • sara

    The fact that she’s white has nothing to do with this. She’s dumb, we all know that and she keeps proving it over and over. I’m a white Muslim that uses Arabic words, am I appropriating a culture? No. There’s so many white Muslims and white people who can use Arabic properly that statements like this should not exist.

  • Mad Rajman

    This post is simply racist! What’s her color have anything to do with all of this? And where is your sense of humour? The fact that you feel offended by her mistake is ridiculous and tells more about the author than about Lohan. I am a white european christian reading muslim girl out of curiosity. I really do want to know more about your culture and religion, but the level of posts here is constantly decreasing. At first I was positively surprised to find website like this, but right know I’m reconsidering following you guys, both here and on Facebook. I feel dissapointed.

  • Maham

    so she made a mistake. big whopping deal. please don’t get on the band wagon of “appropriating cultures boohoo” . People find languages not known to them pretty and exciting. I often get attracted to posts with Japenese or Chinese characters. get over ur high horse. u dont own arabic. and making fun of a woman for such a mistake, what does that make u?

  • Sam

    Where in the Quran does it say to make fun of people?
    Is it in the hadith?

    The Quran states over and over that Allah subhana wa ta’ala will judge us by our intent. What was hers? What was yours?

  • Aminah

    I actually happen to agree with all the comments below. Sister your approach to this is completely wrong.

    Firstly as a muslim we make excuses and we do not mock even a non muslim, when we look back through our history, the seerah of our beloved Prophet SAllahu alayhi wa salaam this is clear. If you are going to speak on behalf of muslim girls at least show the correct adab and if you have nothing nice to say remain silent.

    Secondly ‘white girl’ ??? Since when do we comment or judge people in islam based on the colour of their skin. As a white girl who has spent years since my conversion studying arabic I can grasp arabic quite well. The only person who should feel stupid is the editor of this website for letting someone who wishes to gain fame by mocking and as always as a detriment to our ummah

  • Maria Alberto

    She is not dumb. It was an innocent mistake-so what. Get a life.

  • sockpuppet36

    your adab is very poor.