Misogyny Doesn’t Come From “Pashtun Culture”

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  • Jekyll

    Wow an actual good piece by Orbla The Great…oh save the part where feminist nonsense came into play :)

  • Hokkaido

    The writer reminds me of those white girls who cry about ‘reverse racism’.

  • Angelina

    It is totally inaccurate and unfair to brand all Western Countries and Western people as haters of “Muslims and “brown-looking” people……similarly your sweeping statement suggesting non-whites and Muslims are ‘hated, feared and demonized’ by Western people is grossly exaggerated and inaccurate. As a Muslim living in the ‘West’ yourself, I would expect a more fair and ‘just’ approach and analysis. This type of hate speech simply adds fuel to the fire and further causes separation, suspicion and discontent among human beings.

    • Adil Afridi

      Well that’s what she does. Sweeping generalizations enforcing stereotypes.

  • Adil Afridi

    Muslim feminists are a joke. This religion is inherently misogynistic.

    • Coexist

      Thanks, nice to know. I should tell some of my friends on the feminism club at our school to just quit already. Thanks. Can someone look up who was the first society to write women’s rights. Who was the first one to open a university, also. Thank you for you enlightened statement.

  • Uzma

    Junaid Jamshed is not a Punjabi but he is a Pashtun from Swabi. You can look up on the internet.

  • Bestmate

    Pashtuns are not treated badly in Pakistan as far as i know. If they lag behind then the only reason is that they are educationally not as advance as Punjabis are. Please do remember that the first known university of Pakistan at Independence was Punjab university and people from all over Pakistan used to go there, where as there was no sign of any university in the Province of KPK at that time.
    If in Western countries the Muslims and the browns are treated badly then that’s because they are considered outsiders and second class citizens. These second class citizens are those who have migrated from other countries and who have a different culture, different upbringing,different language and a different life style, also these outsiders have no skills or accent to compete with the locals. As far as Pashtuns are concerned they are not outsiders. Your claim that Pashtuns are treated as browns living in Western countries is baseless.
    Regarding the comparison of comments made by Shahid Afridi and Junaid Jameshaid i would like to say that it makes no sense and i believe both of them are Pashtuns.
    As far as Pashtun culture is concerned then in Pashtun culture a woman is hardly seen or heard. I believe Pashtuns are still living in tribal age, sorry to say. When the 50 percent population of a certain group of people is not seen or heard then how will that nation progress? There is no need of blaming Punjabis or any other ethnic group for your own shortcomings. Please try to find out the reasons behind your self made concept of hate and racism.

  • Munna

    Islam is a misogynist religion, no doubt about it and the irony is that, its followers leaves no stone turned to assert that it was Islam that gave this and that right to Muslim women at first. In modern times too, any attempt to change the culture is often mocked by the orthodox followers and voices of dissent are termed as un-islamic.

  • efaff

    Pashtuns are Indo-European

    by definition, Indo-Europeans are misogynist…

    look up who proto-indo-europeans are

    Arabs on the other hand are Semetic, coming from Afro-Asiatic, i am not sure how misogynist proto-afro-assiatic peoples were

    i don’t understand why people don’t get this kind of bullshit.