Week of 3/29/15: Country Music Kills Muslims

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  • Saneela Tameez

    May Allah (SWT) help these people, and people of ignorance, and bring some light of knowledge to the world and peace. Ameen

    • Joe

      so who are the ‘people of ignorance’? anyone who isn’t a muslim?

      • Toqa

        No, Joe, not anyone who isn’t Muslim. In fact, the only plausible reason I can see for you to infer that Muslims believe “people of Ignorance” is “anyone who isn’t a Muslim” is that you already deeply misunderstand Islam and it’s view of non-Muslims. The people of ignorance the original poster refers to are those who are publicly and un-ashamedly anti-Islamic, those who threaten polite Muslim women with a shotgun for not enjoying their harassment, those who perpetuate misinformed and dangerous hate speech in our nation’s public transportation system, those who throw others in jail simply for attempting to practice their religion peacefully. Please, before you walk around and self-righteously attempt to defend or correct someone, make sure that you are informed and are not simply further oppressing the belittled.

      • Saneela Tameez

        No, people of ignorance can be anyone, anyone who is ignorant. I hope that answers you question. “Knowledge” and “peace” are two important things that our world truly needs right now. Wouldn’t you agree? I hope that clarifies. Have a lovely day. Thank you.