Ayaan Hirsi Ali Continues to Elevate Blood Pressures

  • Munna

    I think that the greatest problem with Muslim religion is no back-off mechanism to stop the radicals from turning back from the Jihad. You have to realise that, for some problems like being sexual-maniac, drinking excessively, drugs we have the clinics, special care centers, reformation centers to treat these social and mental maladies but there’s none to treat the malady of someone getting radicalized. It’s time the religious leaders woke up to the growing threat of radicalization and introduce or start some serious campaign to somewhat ward-off or have some reformist set-up where these radicalized youths and people can cool off or turned back to normalcy.

  • Sara Jama

    Ayan Harris is a fucking moron. The only reason she is popular in Western Nations is because majority non-Muslims HATE Islam, and when I say HATE Islam is that they wish they could murder us in cold blood like they did to Germans during the holocaust or Vietnam War period.. When I say majority I do not mean all non-Muslims. After all, they are handful friendly non-Muslims.

    If you take a moment and truly question with open mind, and open heart, how many Western popular media stations listen and believe every single word to word that
    anything comes out of an anti-Islamic who clearly does NOT Know what she is talking about. Also, think about, how many have published anti-Islamic bullshit. Why is it a norm and not an abnormal to Insult Islam in a disgusting demonish ways. Why is it acceptable to create Islamophobia cartoons of Prophet Muhammad and create a horrible demonish disgusting false fictional characters of our prophet and our religion. Why is their a nation day to burn our Quran and yet they have not even read or understood what is in our holy scripted book expect what is constantly portrayed in our powerful propaganda media and society ? Why is it ok to insult our religion and portrayed as devil beasts, demons, monsters of dark nights. Even though, we are NOTHING like they say we are.

    Why do majority western believe that 1.9 billion Muslims support since 911, ISIS, and these fucken radicals who only use “Islam” to hijack Muslims even though we are against what these radicals stand for, for they are NOT Muslim.If they were Muslims they would not commit these awful, and awful, tragic crimes.

    Do you really think if Islam was some terrorist radical crazy psychotic cult, that 1.9 billion people all over the world will follow this peaceful God fearing religion and when I say peaceful religion I do Not mean humans. After all, humans are NOT perfect, but I do mean the definitions of true Islam,that constantly grows every year ?

    Do you really think 1.9 billion people will tolerant killing innocent souls regardless if he or she is a Muslim ? What truly happen to common sense because I feel sorry for this society and the our world because we have truly been sucked into thinking fictional beliefs are the reality norm characters of Muslims in our society instead of abnormal fictional characters of Muslims,and reality characters of 1.9 billion Muslims are beyond all their imaginations.After all, we must truly be this horrible soulless beast that the media and our society portrays us day in night, night in and day out, even though we are NOT what they say that we are.

    As a Muslim, I do not give a fuck if someone is Non-Muslim, white, LGBTQ, Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Mormon, Pagan, Sikh, Hindu, Atheist, Buddhist, feminist, humanist, activities, old, young, etc as long as you respect me with dignity, kindness, and not some false belief stereotypes, I will respect you and treat you the same. However, I am not saying that you have to like Islam, or even agree with my religion beliefs, but you do have to respect me if you would like me to respect you.