Padded Feminism

  • mike3

    reminded me of a story out of Zimbabwe when they had inflation at like 100,000% for a year. a woman complain to the government and one of the old dudes said you should use animal skins like your grandmothers did.

    but aren’t there re-usable tampons. I thought I once heard an environmentalist say you should use a reusable tampon.

    couldn’t she just cut some construction paper to look like pads? [next time]


    hum, even looks like they have cups?



    • pietrocrazy

      I know it wasn’t really the subject of the article, but I think it’s fair to take any opportunity to recommend menstrual cups to women. Seriously the best thirty bucks I’ve ever spent.

      • mike3

        expense of pads was very much part of the article, so why wouldn’t a different and more cost effective means be a good subject.
        obviously I’m not a woman, but I had never even heard of menstrual cups before. how long can you use it for? does it last forever?

        • Liulz

          What do you mean obviously you’re not a woman? It couldn’t be any more obvious that you are.

          • mike3

            I thought it was obvious because of my name. why do you think I’m a woman?

  • Jekyll

    smh…dumb and dumber

  • Lucia

    Women’s biological functions are marginalized. Isn’t it important to address that?