The Real Story Is Not That Someone Slept With Muslim Women

  • mike3

    I didn’t know muslim women were so desperate. I thought that whole arranged marriage thing kept this from happening. that dude is ugly.

    • actual anonymous

      Do you get things out of your arse or something? Where in any of all abrahamic texts does it say about arranged marriage? if anything you sound desperate to spread your perception of how muslims should behave.

      • mike3

        I’m pretty sure it is in the sunna. are you saying Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha wasn’t arranged?

        • actual anonymous

          Koran =/= Sunnah. Sunnah was forged in the name of Muhammad to brainwash sheep like you.

          • mike3

            sheep like me? what kind of sheep am I?
            so are you saying the marriage with Aisha wasn’t arranged?

          • actual anonymous

            Sheep to a Shepard.
            She full heartedly agreed and wanted to marry the Prophet, thus nullified her previous engagement to another man.
            If you are going to blame arabs and islam for all this, never forget the inbred Hapsburg families, or the reason why Tutankhamen fell, forced marriages in the past century in England and many more things that happened in the same period of time. or are you going to claim they follow ‘sunnah’ too?

          • mike3

            arranged and accepted aren’t mutually exclusive. yes, Europeans often inbred, certainly arranged marriages with first cousins for political reasons, as was Muhammad’s marriage to abu bakr’s daughter. and if I recall right Cleopatra’s mother was her sister. all your comparative analysis, one might call deflection, is true. but there is also a very key phrase you have used, “in the past”. most cultures in the world are evolving, moving forward, adjusting behavior to fall in line with new ideas on rights and human development. science is showing that the human brain isn’t fully developed until age 25. marrying a girl off as 15 is insane, and everyone should know better at this point in time.


          • actual anonymous

            No shit sherlock, hence why Ayesha’s marriages was thousands and hundreds of years ago.
            But even now do age of consent remains low:
            Angola – 12
            Japan – 13
            South Korea – 13 (14 in Lunar)
            China – 14
            Germany – 15

            yada yada yada we are sooo evolved..

          • mike3

            so you are telling me there is a big child bride problem in Germany, japan and south Korea? I’ve never heard this? doesn’t look like any of them made the top 20. http://www.icrw.org/child-marriage-facts-and-figures
            sometimes laws don’t keep up with changing customs. when no one is marrying 12 year-old, people often don’t bother to change the law. but muslims often break the law to hold onto old customs. see yemen.

          • actual anonymous

            India, Nicaragua, Guinea, Ethopia = Muslim countries? sure…..

            “No one religious affiliation was associated with child marriage, according to a 2007 ICRW study. Rather, a variety of religions are associated with child marriage in countries throughout the world.”

            Lol why not just type in http://www.frommyshittyass.com instead of using sources that contradict your statement?

            Also, you’ll be surprised about the slavery statistics and who really practices it.


            Hint hint: everyone with a bad heart and in a poverty area

          • mike3

            what statement of mine do the link ‘contradict’? I never said this problem was exclusive to islam. india has the most child bridges by numbers, and are mostly hindu. I think they have the most slaves as well. but mali has the highest rate per capita. they didn’t even outlaw slavery until the 1908s. but i’ll check your link. but I doubt i’ll be surprised unless it says Germany and japan?


          • actual anonymous

            “Muslims want to hold onto their customs by abandoning the law” > link has nothing else except one african country and bangladesh

            It says the United Kingdom. Surprised? =) Germany is based on prostitution problems mainly based on mugging and the mafia, whereas Japan there aren’t many children and elderly take majority of the population, but there were some bizarre cases a decade and a half ago, and many actual crimes are when people from online forums plan their suicide together but one of them is just in it for the sadism.

          • mike3

            the link that you say came from my shitty ass, icrw link lists the top 20 countries. yes I read your link. has nothing to do with child bridge. we all know there is a problem with sex slavery throughout the world, not surprised at all. but this is an illegal activity and more importantly not one that is socially sanctioned. the village doesn’t come out to celebrate the girl being sold to the mob.

          • actual anonymous

            Islamically there is no marriage without the woman’s consent. So child marriages aren’t marriages, it’s slavery.
            The village coming to celebrate the forced “marriage” has nothing to do with Islam, it is the same thing as white people watching a black guy get shot and not doing anything.

            Your attempts to devalue islam is so bad and laughable. Islam is a rip off of Judaism? Sure. But you bringing something India, Serbian and other any poverty/ignorancy struck village does and slamming the label on Islam is terrible. If you hate a religion that much, don’t waste your time. You are a dog barking at a picture of a burglar.

          • mike3

            so what if the child consents? all’s good then in marrying a 12 year-old. you are conflating several different things.
            yes islam is a ‘rip off of judaism’. so why didn’t the torah set a minimum age for marriage? why doesn’t the, ‘last divine revelation’, the Koran give a minimum age? I never said anything about forced marriages. given the culture some of the little girls might be downright happy getting married at 12. this is the point, they aren’t old enough to even understand how bad this is for them.

          • actual anonymous

            No shit fucking Sherlock, the girl must be sane, mature and have the age of puberty (unless if something goes up with her hormones). are you that dumb?

            I am sure most young girls dont even know what marriage is from their prudent parents and would rather not marry but are forced to and forced to say “yes”. majority of them are even lied to, and look whats on sin 101: lying. You are now making up bullshit here.

            and the minimum age is the age of puberty and emotional sanity. Hence why boys who have hit puberty and are sane and fit must go to Friday ceremonies as something most people claim as obligatory.

          • mike3

            “and the minimum age is the age of puberty and emotional sanity” so if that is reached at age 12 it’s all good. you continue to prove my point.

          • mike3


            “Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) said: Once he has completed fifteen years, he has reached puberty.”

          • mike3


            “With regard to females, the father may give his minor, virgin daughter who has not yet reached the age of nine in marriage, and there is no difference of opinion concerning that, if he gives her in marriage to someone who is compatible. Ibn al-Mundhir said: All of those scholars from whom we acquired knowledge unanimously agreed that it is permissible for a father to give his minor daughter in marriage if he arranges her to someone who is compatible, and it is permissible for him to do that even if she is reluctant. End quote.”

      • mike3
  • Jekyll

    Beautifully and truthfully written

    • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

      Holy crap, I came here to see you angry. I saw you in a positive mood instead.

  • http://aayjay.wordpress.com/ AJ

    I didn’t get the feeling that HP was trying to fetishize the story. If anything, they were trying to make FBI sound more desperate. I mean if the spy can’t really find anything apparent about a mosque and FBI has to ask the spy to sleep with a person to find something incriminating, that just shows that FBI has lost it. Also, logistically speaking, aren’t the radicalized (a very stupid term – using it sarcastically here) people usually males? So if Monteilh has to find anything out, shouldn’t he be trying to sleep with males?

    • Jekyll

      LOL, how many gay informants are there in mosques now…

  • Amir

    Why are you mad at the guy for sleeping with these women and bemoaning men like him, and not the trashy muslim women who spread their legs for any racist power-tripping white guy who sees them as nothing but repressed inferior women to be freed by his white pecker, and they are more than happy to oblige his fantasy?

    Is it because this exposes this phenomenon of “muslim” women claiming to be all pious to their community while slutting it up in secret exclusively with non-muslims, and giving the cold shoulder to muslim men while being easy lays for non-muslim men?

    I mean the guy is even old and below average. I bet you the women who slept with him had rejected several men of their own ethnicity before him.

    And don’t get me started on these gullible cuckolds who set him up with the women in the first place!