Would ’50 Shades’ Be Abuse if Christian and Ana Were Muslims?

50 shades
  • Jekyll

    Excellent and spot on :)

  • Munna

    No, it would have been abuse if both the partners doing sex in it were males and one of them would be Jew while the other would be Muslim. I’m sure everyone would be crying murder..murder then, due to horrific idea behind that.

  • DK

    Good article, Mira.

    You might want to explore the psychological / chemical aspects of submissiveness in women, and it’s appeal to many (obviously not all) as it pertains to a partner. It’s quite interesting, specifically when it gets into the requirements for endorphin release in given circumstances.

    The long and the short is that, when a woman, who is inclined towards submissiveness / bondage, is with a partner that she is highly attracted to / aroused by, such acts will generate tremendous endorphin release, thus signaling pleasure over pain. However, in the case where the partner only generates a moderate attraction, the endorphin release is much less, and pain will outweigh the pleasure quickly.

    It’s why anyone practicing acts like that need an agreed-upon safe-word. Generally, “Stop” or “You’re hurting me” should always make anyone pause and assess the situation, unless it’s part of the role play, and as said, there’s an alternative safe word meant to cease the sex-play.

    I know it’s a poor joke, but it has some merit… “If 50 Shades of Grey took place in a trailer-park in Alabama, it’d have been a horror movie.”

    All the best!