The NSA’s Control of Muslim Women’s Bodies

  • zahrak

    confused as to why this isn’t about Muslims in general rather than just women?
    i don’t see the gender angle as it relates to surveilance..
    My initial thoughts are that its probably worse for men.

    • Anon

      Muslim women take private pictures and are targeted more actively by society as they are easily identifiable as Muslims (namely Muslim women with hijabs). That’s why it’s more dangerous.

      • zahrak

        Except this article is about the NSA surveillance of Muslims and not discrimination by society in general.

        So what relevance does gender have when talking about NSA surveillance?
        I’d venture that its worse for men actually rather than women.

        • Jekyll

          No, actually it is not. Because Muslim women have to not only succumb to the white savior narrative but also the oriental fetish commodity syndrome as well.

          • zahrak

            Again, what does that have to do with NSA surveillance?

            We can talk about many things about the lives of Muslim women in the US and white saviour complexes and discrimination etc.

            This article is not about that. So let’s stay on topic. Why is gender relevant when talking about NSA surveillance?
            The article doesn’t address this.

          • Jekyll

            Okay maybe it does not discuss enough into relevant details, but the overall picture is obvious enough I would think.

          • Syeda

            Because we practice Hijab outside but inside our own homes we’re watched by strangers.

  • mike3

    so your current name isn’t sarah Harvard? that isn’t a picture of you?